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Pawfect Pet Food Scooper

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Paw Shaped Pet Food Scoop - ½ Cup and 1 cup measures. Large logo area on handle. Dishwasher-safe polypropylene #5. BPA free. 8.75" Height x 4.5" Width x 2.063" Depth

Mood Ice Cream Scoop

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Scoop changes color in cold temperatures. Finger grips for easy scooping. Composed of high strength durable plastic. Severe weather conditions may effect the mood change. 6.625" Long

Pet Food Scoop 'n' Clip

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Easily dig out out pet food with large paw shaped scoop, which also tightly seals pet food bags. Features 1 cup size to help manage portions. Perfect for pet food companies, pet stores, veterinarians and pet shows. 9.5" Width x 4.25" Height x 2.25" Depth

Scooper - Ice Cream Scoop

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Ice Cream Scoop with comfortable contoured grip. Sturdy curved design. Available in 7 bright colors. Dishwasher-safe. BPA-free. 8" Height x 1.875" Width x 1.5" Depth

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Pet food scoop with 1 cup capacity. Ideal for pet stores, obedience schools, and kennels. Hand Wash Only , Meets FDA Requirements. The Pet Food Scoop is compliant with CPSIA. 3.25" Height x 9" Width

Ice Cream Scoop

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Plastic, Ice Cream, Frozen Dessert, Round Top, Concave, Handle, Handheld. The Ice Cream Scoop is compliant with ASTM, CPSIA. 7" Length x 1.875" Width

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I scream, you scream we all scream for ice cream! Now here is a truly retro specialty product that brings back old time memories. This stainless steel ice cream spade is a solid, well constructed work horse at serving up ice cream and building your company image. Comes with a thick stainless steel spade blade and solid wood handle, this piece ensures your promotional message is seen for years! The Classics Collection Ice Cream Spade is compliant with FDA. 9.5" Long x 2.125" Wide

Arctic Ice Cream Scoop

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Everyone likes ice cream! Extremely rugged. Dishwasher safe. 7.625" Length x 1.75" Width x 1" Height

Translucent Ice Cream Scoop

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Translucent Handle, Metal, Ice Cream, Frozen Dessert, Round Top, Concave, Handle, Plastic Handle, Hole in Handle, Handheld. The Translucent Ice Cream Scoop is compliant with FDA. 7.375" Length x 1.688" Width

Ice Cream Scoop

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What's the scoop on this sweet promotional marketing item? This durable ice cream scoop features a clear scooper and solid colored handle with hanging hole for added convenience. This is the ideal promotional promotional product to serve up dessert for restaurants, hospitals, schools and ice cream stands alike. Promotional product is dishwasher safe on top rack only. For print longevity hand wash in warm water with mild detergent – avoid heat and harsh detergents. The Ice Cream Scoop is compliant with FDA. 7.375" Wide x 1.5" Deep x 1.75" High

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