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Quick drying microfiber cooling towel in Black 210 Deep Polyester mesh drawstring pouch. Microfiber towel comprised of 10 percent Nylon / 90 percent Polyester (200 GSM). 31.5" Wide x 11.8" High

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Pencil pouch with slide-lock closure. Translucent front with a colorful back. Pre-punched holes for easy insertion in notebooks. 72 HR Rush available for up to 5,000 qty. CPSIA Compliant. The Slide Lock School Pencil Pouch is compliant with ASTM, CPSIA, Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 6.25" High x 9.5" Wide

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Keep your glasses protected from dust and scratches with this soft drawstring pouch. Suitable for all glasses and sunglasses. 3.375" Wide x 7" High x 1/8" Deep

Frosted 3-Ring Pencil Pouch

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Union Imprinted, 3-Ring Pencil Case, Zippered Pencil Holder, Features 3 reinforced holes to easily snap the pencil Pouch into your binder, Durable PVC Material to last many years, Can Be Used For Pens Pencils Or even For A Cosmetic Bag! CPSIA Compliant - Decorated in our Union Shop - Union Bug Available at No Charge! The Frosted 3-Ring Pencil Pouch is compliant with CPSIA.

Deluxe School Kit

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Jo-Bee Miser Round Pencils, Jo-Bee Round Eraser without print decoration. Jo-Bee 6" Wooden Ruler. 1 White pencil sharpener without print decoration. 6.25" Width x 9.25" Height

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A convenient pouch-sized bag with zipper closure. Manufactured from 75 GSM non-woven polypropylene. Use as a pencil bag, cosmetics bag or petty cash bag. The Sunny Side Utility Pouch Bag is compliant with CPSIA. 9.5" Long x 7.25" Wide

Waterproof Media Pouch

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Waterproof travel pouch with double zipper top closure and double fold with snap closure. Adjustable break away lanyard and transparent front so specialty products are visible. 6.5" High x 4.375" Wide

U-Bag Neoprene Utility Bag

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High-Quality Neoprene ( Wetsuit Material ) with a gusset and zipper closure with customizable colored stitching. The U-Bag Neoprene Utility Bag is compliant with CPSIA, Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 8.25" Wide x 6" High x 1.25" Deep

Super Value School Kit

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Jo-Bee Miser Round Pencils. Jo-Bee Round Eraser without print decoration. 1 White pencil sharpener without print decoration. 6.25" Width x 9.25" Height

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These 100 percent microfiber pouches are produced with high-density microfiber materials designed to protect your cell phone display and clean dirt, dust, and oily smudges from sensitive surfaces like sunglass, eyeglass and camera lenses, cell phone, MP3 and PDA panels as well as laptop and computer screens without scratching. They include an adjustable plastic ball closure for cinching the pouch closed to ensure safekeeping of the contents. Material: 100 percent Polyester, Material Thickness: 170GSM. 3.5" Wide x 7" High

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