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5" Circle EZ Vinyl Gripper

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We've taken our Classic Jar Opener and manufactured it even better! Softer and stronger, our new cushioned gripper is gentler on the hands, yet provides superior gripping power. Your print decoration is more vibrant & indestructible than ever! All this at a mind- blowing low price! Lasts for years! Ideal for the toolbox or the kitchen. 100 percent USA manufactured. Gripping proof that marketing works! Also available in 187 shapes. 5" Diameter x 5" Diameter

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Aluminum bottle opener. Your clients will easily open beers and sodas with their aluminum bottle openers, and will love to keep this handy bottle opener on hand at all times. The Aluminum Bottle Opener w/ Key Ring is compliant with CPSIA. 2.5" Width x 3/8" Height

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Produced Of Laminated Open Cell Foam . Folds Flat For Pocket Or Purse Storage . Plastic Bottle/Can Opener With Bead Chain Attachment . Elastic Strap For Bottle Opener Storage . 4" High

Econo Bottle Opener Coaster

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Two promo products in one. Corner of coaster features a built-in bottle opener. Coaster bottom is EVA foam. 3.25" Long x 3.25" Wide x 0.125" High

Waiter's Friend Corkscrew

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Pocket corkscrew with stain finish handle. 5-Turn Teflon-coated corkscrew and micro serrated foil cutter. Bottle opener, cork release and pocket clip. For personal use - not commercial use. 1" Long x 4.75" Wide x 0.625" High

Deluxe plain aluminum can and bottle opener with split key ring. Flip top can. A great gift of beer bottle and pop bottle key holder! Solid aluminum construction with metallic color finish. Perfect print decoration area for logo. Laser engraving is available. 2.438" Long x 3/8" Wide

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Lightweight metal multi-function tool. Built-in bottle opener and carabiner. Pull-out pocket knife and LED flashlight . 1.5" Wide x 3.5" High

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Metal Bottle Opener. 1.5" Width x 7" Height

Grylls Survival Pocket Tool

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This 11 function tool is the ideal gift for any occasion. Stainless steel construction and crammed with 11 tools into 1 credit card size that fits into any wallet. Includes a can opener, bottle opener, 4 and 2 position wrench, direction ancillary wrench, butterfly screw wrench, knife edge, saw blade, screwdriver, ruler and key ring hole. Print is done on the black pouch. 3.125" Long x 2.25" Wide

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This marketing product features a stainless steel insert for tough-to-open bottle caps and a durable lever edge to easily open pop-top cans. 2.5" Wide x 1/2" High x 1.063" Deep

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