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Make your mark permanently by putting your name on the world's #1-selling marker - the Sharpie Fine Point. The fine point has permanent, fast-drying acid-free ink that is ACMI certified non-toxic standard Sharpie ink. Everyone instantly recognizes and loves these markers. Put your promotional message on one and they'll instantly recognize and love you too! Available in 11 bold colors to make your mark unique. Ink color matches trim color. Fine point.

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Durable polyurethane dome keeps logo protected. The Hat Clip is based on the famous Hybrid Divot Tools. The clip is manufactured from strong, thin, titaniumized (anti-scratch & anti-rust) stainless steel and therefore light weight. The topside is manufactured from Rubberized ABS plastic with a soft feel. Comes with a personalized removable ball marker with your company or company events logo. The PitchFix Magnetic Ball Marker Hat Clip is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 1.25" Width x 1.5" Height

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Take your Sharpie anywhere with the Sharpie Mini. The Sharpie Mini offers all of the qualities of a standard Sharpie Fine Point, but at 1/2 the size! Convenient cap clip comes standard and is ideal for key chains, lanyards, golf bags, etc. Convenient and portable design allows the Sharpie Mini to be taken anywhere for tasks on the go. Permanently marks on most hard-to-mark surfaces.

Decal Printed Poker Chip

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Authentic traditional real clay poker chip printable on 2 sides. Includes 4-Color Process Print on 2 sides. A satin pouch is available with an additional charge. POKCHP-LMOR (Orange) POKCHP-LMGY (Grey) POKCHP-LMBL (Black) POKCHP-LMLB (Light Blue) POKCHP-LMDB (Dark Blue) POKCHP-LMYE (Yellow) POKCHP-LMRE (Red) POKCHP-LMGN (Green) POKCHP-LMLG (Lime Green) POKCHP-LMPR (Purple). 1.563" Diameter

Poker Chip Ball Marker

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The poker chip ball marker is large enough to find in your pocket and easy to see on the green. A great ball marker that is also a conversation piece. Our price includes same logo on both sides of the chip. Imprinted full color process on a label. Additional set-up if different logos are used on each side. The chips are 11.5 grams. Size: 40mm wide/ 3mm thick. Material ABS plastic with steel disc inside for weight. 1.5" Diameter

6 Tees and 1 Ball Marker

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Includes six 2 3/4" tess and 1 ball marker. The 6 Tees and 1 Ball Marker is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65.

Fore! Tee Set

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Grabbing a golf tee has never been easier than with the Fore! Tee Set. 12 plastic tees assure that you can set that ball up right to get the best "drive". Great for any golf tournament or golf enthusiast. 3 ball markers included! (Plastic Tees and 3 Ball Markers are not printed). The Fore! Tee Set is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 4" Wide x 2.25" High

Poker Chip Ball Marker

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Poker Chip, Ball Placement, Golf Accessory, Golf Instrument, Round, 2 Tone, Disc, Poly Resin Composite. The Poker Chip Ball Marker is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 1.438" Diameter x 1/8" Deep

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Solid metal poker chip with two-sided print decoration and removable magnetic ball marker. Back side features fixed domed label for added exposure or co-op partnering. The Metal Poker Chip Magnetic Ball Marker is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 1.5" Diameter

4 Plus Tees/1 PWN

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Four 3-1/4" Tees. 1 PWN. Priced per pack includes one color print decoration . The 4 Plus Tees/1 PWN is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65.

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