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Personalized Manicure Sets for Promotional Use and Gifts

Promotional manicure sets will keep your customers' nails in order and their eyes on your business. Nail care requires a good number of nail care tools to perform, especially for someone who'd like a full manicure. Promotional manicure kits put all those necessary tools in one simple, convenient kit, ensuring that each one of those little tools is there when it's needed. With over three hundred unique custom manicure sets available, you'll find that JH Studios' custom manicure kit selection is second to none. [...]
Salon Board

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Professional-quality foam insert for maximum comfort. Each side is a different grit. Optional Vinyl Sleeve Available. 6.50" Length x 0.75" Width

Regular Emery Board

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Classic shape for all occasions. European emery paper laminated to wood veneer. Three colors of emery paper. One Color or Full Color print options. 4.63" Length x 0.50" Width

Large Emery Board

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European emery paper laminated to wood veneer. Optional Vinyl Sleeve Available. 7.00" Length x 0.75" Width

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This personal manicure kit set includes nail scissors, nail clippers, tweezers, nail file, cuticle pusher and nail cleaner. 2.3125" Long x 4.25" Wide x 0.6875" High

Vinyl Manicure Set

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Kit Includes: Scissors, Nail Clipper, Nail File And Tweezers. Bead Chain Attachment. 2.75" Width x 4.375" Height

Touch Up Emery Board

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Classic shape for all occasions. European emery paper laminated to wood veneer. Three colors of emery paper. 3.00" Length x 0.50" Width

7 Piece Manicure Set

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This 7 piece nail clipper set includes a nail file, two nail clippers, an ear pick, a cuticle pick, a scissors and a tweezers. Features with a button leather case for easy carrying.Tools are manufactured of high-carbon steel. The travel set case will give you a lot of convenience to take it with you anywhere at any time. It must be a great promotion gift for your next trade show or any other advertising events. Logo may be printed on the case, and there are many colors to choose. 4.313" Long x 2.563" Wide

Mini Salon Board

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Professional-quality foam insert for maximum comfort. Each side is a different grit. 3.25" Long x 0.75" Wide

Compact Nail Care Kit

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Allow this marketing tool to help "shape" your upcoming campaign. Our Compact Nail Care Kit features a clear case and beaded chain. It includes nail clipper file and tweezers. The size of the case is 2.5" Width x 4" Height x 1/2" Depth . Add your logo to create a handy giveaway for upcoming promotions. What a fantastic choice for spas and nail and hair salons. Add this specialty item to a gift bag and distribute during grand openings or special advertising events. The Compact Nail Care Kit is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 2.5" Width x 4.0" Height x 0.5" Depth

Manicure To Go Set

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The Manicure To Go Set comes in a trendy case with a key-ring making it easy to keep this manicure set with you at all times. Set includes nail clippers, tweezers, curved scissors and cuticle tool. 3.25" High x 0.75" Wide x 1.5" Long

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Promotional Manicure Sets

Manicure SetsLogo imprinted manicure sets have plenty of variation, and you'll find a different combination of tools in different sets. Nail scissors, nail files, and tweezers are fairly standard items included in the vast majority of custom manicure kits, and you can expect to see nail clippers and cuticle pushers alongside them in most sets. Some custom manicure sets also include additional items, such as nail cleaners, knife blades, or extra files or cuticle pushers. That packaging of different logo manicure kits can also vary wildly, with some simple versions being small enough to hook on to a key chain, while many deluxe versions require a reasonably sized purse to carry regularly. However, all of our personalized manicure kits can naturally have your logo printed on the bag or container.

Businesses relating to fashion or nail care have the most to gain from using logo manicure kits, and they're highly popular in the beauty world in general. Many salons and makeup stores use them as promotional products in store, and simple kits make good giveaways at beauty- or fashion-focused trade shows. Deluxe versions can be ideal gifts for specific customers, especially as part of a customer rewards program.

Whether you go simple or elaborate, every logo imprinted manicure set is sure to find a receptive audience. If your customers care about having attractive, healthy nails, you won't go wrong with our promotional manicure sets.