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Promotional Tool Kits

Appeal to any customer's handy side with our promotional tool kits! Having the ability to fixing things on your own is useful, but a single task can often require a surprising number of tools. Logo tool kits put all of those commonly needed tools together in one handy place. Whether you'd like a small custom printed tool kit with just the basics or a full-sized one with every tool you could possibly need, you'll discover thousands of choices here in JH Studios' custom tool kit section. [...]
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This USA produced key is designed to be a convenient multi-function no-touch germ avoidance tool. Stay healthy and safe by preventing cross-contamination with our stainless steel innovative tool! The Freedom Key is uniquely designed to help prevent your hands from touching high-contact, germ-ridden surfaces in the fight to stop COVID-19 pandemic. Key Features: Composed of 18/8 stainless steel. Quick Access built-in belt loop. Thumb grip. The Freedom Key Stainless Steel No-Touch Tool is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 3.5" Wide x 1.25" High x 1/8" Deep

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TouchTool is designed to keep your hands from touching common, public surfaces to reduce the transmission of germs. Don't touch it! Let TouchTool open doors, push buttons and do the dirty work for you. Composed of durable, lightweight plastic with option to company image in full color. Includes instruction card with uses. 4" Long x 1.25" High x 0.2" Wide

Clean Tool

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The Clean Tool is a discreet keychain device that can open door handles and press public buttons to operate ATMs, elevators, keypads and more! It can even be used on some touchscreens such as ones used at self-checkout. This simple tool helps you to touch less, adding one more line of defense from contagions. The Clean Tool is built to last, composed of high-impact Polystyrene plastic and Manufactured in the USA! Get yours with full-color logos and designs! Packaged in polybag with instruction card. The Clean Tool is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 3.5" Width x 1.5" Height

Safety Key Multi-Tool allows for touch-free contact with doors and surfaces. Avoid Direct Contact with Contaminated Surfaces like Door Handles, ATM & Credit Card Keypads, Elevator Buttons, Public Touchscreens, and more. Sleek die cast zinc alloy design with integrated bottle opener and silicone stylus tip. Includes choice of shiny or antique brass, shiny or antique nickel, shiny or antique copper or matte black finish. Includes engraved print one on one side. 77.7mm L x 28mm W x 5.5mm Thick

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Die cast Safety Key Multi-Tool allows for touch-free contact with doors and surfaces. Sturdy die cast zinc design with choice of finishes. Includes engraved print decoration one one side. Optional second location available. Avoid Direct Contact with Contaminated Surfaces like Door Handles, ATM & Credit Card Keypads, Elevator Buttons, Public Touchscreens, & more. Discreet size fits in pockets or can easily be added to keyrings and keychains. 15 working day production standard. 2.87" Length x 1.23" Width x 4.5mm Thick

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No need to fear touching door knobs, door handles and high traffic handrails, elevator buttons, ATM's and more. Now you can carry this handy keychain touch free tool to do the dirty work for you! Available in four colors, add a custom logo to this opener for a great promotional idea, ideal to help avoid bacteria, germs and viruses. Choose your color and add a custom laser engraved logo on one side. 2.75" Long x 0.98" Wide

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Now you can lessen the possibility of virus transmission by using this handy touch free tool that hooks to a keychain. Use it to open doors handles, touch buttons, push screens and more. Choose from a variety of colors and add a custom laser engraved logo on it for this durable aluminum tool. These are great everyday carry specialty products, ideal for promotional giveaways. (may not work on all screens requiring touch). 3.1" Length x 1.3" Width x 0.2" Thick

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Full color decoration. Avoid direct contact with contaminated surfaces like door handles, elevator Buttons, etc. Virus Safe Touch No Non Contact Non-Contact Contactless Closer Ring Keychain Copper Chain No-touch No-contact Coronavirus Safety Handpiece Utility Hook Anti Black Lives Matter Blm Juneteenth. The Full Color Touchless Key Door Opener is compliant with CPSIA, Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 3.94" Width x 1.18" Height x 0.16" Thick

Never worry about touching filthy, high-contact surfaces again ... now with a L301 Retractable Badge Reel: The reinforced Nylon hook is perfectly designed for opening door handles of many sizes. Lightweight. Opens doors up to 35 pounds. Rubberized tip is designed for typing on keypads of all kinds. (note:The tip is not a stylus). Produced in the USA. Includes a 30" retractable badge. Upgrade with the L302, L303 or L307 call for pricing. Visit the L301 promotional item page for colors. The The Kooty Key Anti-Germ Utility Tool with Retractable Badge Holder is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 1.75" Diameter x 3.25" High

Maintain good hand hygiene and minimize your contact with germs and bacteria by using this antibacterial tool w/ keychain. Navigate through your apps without your hands touching your phone. Allows you to open doors, press elevator and ATM buttons, handles and other possibly infected surfaces - completely touch free! Comprised of sturdy metal and may be laser engraved with your logo! Help your clients and employees stay safe and healthy during these harsh times. 2.75" Length x 1.18" Width x 0.2" Height

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Custom Tool Kits Personalized

- By Mirtha Holland

Kits-toolOur logo imprinted tool kit collection contains kits of all kinds, including general logo tool kits as well as one for specific activities, like car repair. Most general custom printed tool kits include a screwdriver, a wrench, and a hammer at a minimum, though many include other tools as well. Promotional car kits often include car tools like tire gauges, while custom tool kits meant for everyday activities typically provide tools like scissors, bottle openers, package openers, letter openers, and pliers. Some custom printed tool kits also include electronic items like flash drives or LED lights.

Promotional tool sets are are a must-have promotional product for any business relating to tools or construction. Many hardware stores and home improvement stores carry logo tool kits among their tool kit selections, and they're especially popular with those who are just starting tool collections of their own. Logo tool sets are one of the best giveaway items for contractors and construction companies, especially at trade shows. Logo imprinted car tool kits are best for automotive businesses, and they're particularly effective for mechanics.

Promotional tool kits allow your company to give customers the tools they need to solve simple problems, while also making it clear that your company is always there to help when they need it. You won't find an easier way to show customers that they can count on your company.