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The 32 oz. Amber Boston Round is great for beer, ales, soda, juices, and other uses you could think of. Ideal match for breweries and micro-brews. Add style to your beverage service with a 32 oz. amber boston round growler. The large decorating area allows a design screen imprinted. Advertise your restaurant or microbrew on the growler. Refillable and reusable making it environmental friendly. Perfect for brew pubs. Let clients take home their favorite brews right from the tap. 3.70" Width x 8.15" Height x 3.70" Depth

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Straw changes colors with ice cold liquids. Severe weather conditions may affect the mood change. 5.813" Height x 3" Diameter

Small Glass Jar

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This clear, round, 2.02oz glass candy jar features an air-tight seal and may be filled with your choice of candy to appeal to any prospect's or customer's taste buds. 2.25" Diameter x 3" Diameter

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Enjoy your next summer outing with this vintage 20 Oz. Clear Glass Mason Jar with handle. This jar comes with a colored aluminum lid and clear straw. Microwave and dishwasher safe ( jar only). The 20 Oz. Jackie Mason Glass Jar with Handle is compliant with ASTM, CPSIA, FDA. 5.75" High x 2.75" Deep

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These novel party glasses have become a fun trend in drinkware and are sure to be a hit! Crafted of durable machine-manufactured glass. This glass is available in sets of 2 or 4, and in bulk (with minimum order of 36 for bulk); and with a deep or light etch (min. order 36 with light etch).

64 OZ Clear Growler

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Add style to your beverage service with a 64 oz. clear growler! The large decorating area allows a design screen imprinted up to 4 colors. Advertise your restaurant, micro brew, cider or specialty beverage on the growler. Refillable and reusable making it environmental friendly. Perfect for brew pubs and cider works. Let clients take home their favorite beverage right from the tap. Plastisol Rubber Liner metal lids available for purchase. Order extra lids for refills. 5" Diameter x 11" Height

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Leave your clients dazed at the awesome client service you provide with the Glass Mini Mason Jar with Starzmania! Kosher certification is available for the non-melt marketing item and it measures 2" Width x 2" Depth x 3.375" Height . With a great experience and awesome parting gift, your customers will have stars in their eyes as they count down the days until they work with your company again. It's also a fabulous marketing item for star, Hollywood or space themed parties! The shooting star specialty product!. 2" Width x 2" Depth x 3.375" Height

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These classic Glass Jars are perfectly suited to proudly display your company's logo or message while sitting on the desk of your best clients. Filled with 10 ounces of M&Ms and ready to go!When warm weather conditions apply, some perishable promotional products require special packaging. Transit time for these conditions must be 2 days or less. Please contact Client Service for details and an applicable freight quote.Our warm weather packaging consists of: Foil insulated sheets in corrugated box with co. The M&Ms - Plain in Small Glass Jar is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 3.5" Wide x 3.75" High x 3.5" Deep

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Picture the craftsman that has achieved the pinnacle of his or her art, clad in a leather apron, rolled-up sleeves, in a workshop surrounded by the worn tools of the trade. Now picture what this epic personality would be drinking out of. Yep, it's 268 characters back. Choose from 5 domestic, USA Manufactured, leather colors and customize to match your company logo to create something truly unique. 4.75" High x 5" Wide

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This glass Apothecary Jar comes empty and is imprinted with a laminated 4-color process decal or a 1-color direct print. This empty apothecary jar may be filled with a variety of candy. In our Corporate Color Program. Please call for other available fills. Great food gift idea for the holiday or Christmas. The Apothecary Jar Empty - Medium is compliant with CPSIA, FDA, Food Grade, Cal OEHHA Prop 65, SQF, TSA. 3.75" Width x 3.75" Depth x 4.5" Height

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