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20 Oz. Glass Mason Jar

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20 Oz. Glass Mason Jar. Lid sold separately. The 20 Oz. Glass Mason Jar is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 5.75" High x 2.5" Diameter x 3.5" Diameter

Jar Opener

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Full color poly top and soft rubber bottom jar opener for every home. This jar opener loosens stuck lids, slippery tops, warm light bulbs, and reluctant containers. Print decoration your full color images and pictures on this fun and effective promotional promo item. 5" Diameter

Picture the craftsman that has achieved the pinnacle of his or her art, clad in a leather apron, rolled-up sleeves, in a workshop surrounded by the worn tools of the trade. Now picture what this epic personality would be drinking out of. Yep, it's 268 characters back. Choose from 5 domestic, USA Produced, leather colors and customize to match your company logo to create something truly unique. The BREWSTER Wide Mouth Mason Jar w/ Leather Handled Sleeve is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 4.75" Height x 5" Width

FIREFLY Safety Matches

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NEW FIREFLY safety matches. 35 safety matches in a glass bottle with a striker on the bottom. The FIREFLY Safety Matches is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 2.75" Width x 1.25" Diameter

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The 27 Oz. large vibe candy jar with flat lid shown with optional Jet-Directt™ lid print decoration. All colors available for Custom Glow® lids. Add Custom Glow® to your lids with a choice of 14 vibrant colors. We can add value enhancement to your glassware while making your logo pop. 4" Height

15 Ounce Handled Mason Jar with Silver Lid and Clear Straw. The mason jar rustic feel is becoming more and more popular and adding a old fashioned feel to many beverages. The 15 oz. Handled Mason Jar with Silver Lid and Clear Straw is compliant with CPSIA, FDA, Food Grade, Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 2.75" Length x 2.625" Width x 5.125" Height

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Mason Jar. Traditional measures molded into the sides. Crack resistant safe polypropylene straw. Mix and match jar, lid and straw colors. BPA -Free, FDA Compliant - Safe for Food Contact. Dishwasher safe - top rack. The 27 oz. Tritan Mason Jar Tumbler with Straw Lid is compliant with ANSI, CPSIA, FDA, Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 6.5" High x 3.5" Diameter

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BPA Free. The 24 Oz. Plastic Mason Jar is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 5.813" High x 3" Diameter

16 Oz. Wonka Candy Jar

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16 Oz., Wonka, Glass, Candy Container, Push Lid, Round, Transparent, Candy Canister, Flat Lid, Desktop, Reusable, Removable Lid. The 16 Oz. Wonka Candy Jar is compliant with OSHA.

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Have your company image carried around all the time with our mason jars. Our heavy duty 16 oz thick and durable glass. We have a wide selection of glasses including mason jars, shot glasses, and martini glasses to choose from and we have a variety of sizes and colors as well. Have a special request? Let us know so we can meet the demand of your clients. These are ideal for sports games, colleges, schools, universities, and bank. 2.50" High x 2.50" Wide

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