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16 Oz. Cowgirl Mason Jar

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16 Oz., Cowgirl, Mason, Round, Transparent, Threaded Top, Drinkware, Cold Drink Cup, Iced Tea Cup. The 16 Oz. Cowgirl Mason Jar is compliant with OSHA.

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Show your good sense of taste when you give this small snack canister filled with M&Ms to your clients. The clear container holds this tasty treat so it can draw the eyes of customers with fun colors! When the contents are all gone, the container is reusable as storage. Use one of our multiple printing methods to add your company name or logo to the lid and give your audience something to sink their teeth into!When warm weather conditions apply, some perishable marketing products require special packaging. The M&Ms® Plain in Sm Snack Canister is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 2.875" Wide x 1.875" High x 2.875" Deep

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Straw changes colors with ice cold liquids. Severe weather conditions may affect the mood change. BPA Free. The 24 Oz. Plastic Mason Jar w/ Mood Straw, Full Digital Color is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65.

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The Firefly is an all glass, solar panel mason jar.  With built-in LED lights this jar is a great decorative piece for any occasion. . The FireFly™ Solar Panel Mason Jar is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 4.125" Length x 4.125" Width x 6.875" Height

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16 Oz. Blow molded round mason jar mug is USA constructed of PVC plastic. Blow-molded version is more flexible, almost unbreakable and less expensive than acrylic. Optional lid or straw & cap available in 6 colors. Prices include a one color, one location print. Multi-color print, 2nd side print and full color process printing are available. Dishwasher safe on top rack only, BPA free, FDA approved and recyclable. Also available in a 26 Oz. size. The 16 Oz. Blow-Molded PVC Plastic Round Mason Jar Mug is compliant with CPSIA, FDA, Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 3" Wide x 4.75" High

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For a contemporary version of the candy canister, the Vaughan jar series combines a large bowl shape with angled, curved sides making it at home in any decor. The glass stopper lid keeps treats fresh and displays your logo whenever a craving for sweetness makes an appearance.

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The 27 Oz. large vibe candy jar with flat lid shown with optional Jet-Directt™ lid print. All colors available for Custom Glow® lids. Add Custom Glow® to your lids with a choice of 14 vibrant colors. We can add value enhancement to your glassware while making your logo pop. 4" Height

28oz. Square Cannister

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A good looking covered candy dish with its traditional shape, clean look, and heavy lid with rubber seal making it air-tight. This cannister makes for a popular gift for any occasion. Packaged in bulk. 4.25" Width x 4.5" Height

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Take the food you love anywhere and keep it fresh for hours. Comes with a built-in insulated serving bowl and full-sized stainless steel spoon. Keep food hot for up to 9 hours, or cold for up to 14. The Thermos® 16 Oz. Stainless King™ Food Jar is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65.

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The 26 Oz. large apothecary jar with dome lid shown with optional Jet-Directt™ sidewall print decoration. All colors available for Custom Glow® lids (Fast Glass is not available with any Custom Glow® options). Add Custom Glow® to your glassware selections with 14 vibrant colors for an available. We can add value enhancement to your glassware while making you logo pop. The Jet-Directt™ print decoration area: 3"x4"; Wrap: 12 9/16". 7.137" High x 4" Diameter

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