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Magnetic Screen Door

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Features: Helps your house stay cool when its hot. Keeps bugs out. Automatically closes after you enter or exit. Installs in minutes without any tools. Great for pets. Fits doors up to 39.00" x 83.00" Blank Pricing Only.

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Enjoy the great outdoors while keeping bugs at bay with our effective, lightly-scented, 0.33 Oz. insect repellent spray. This insect repellent is produced from an all natural blend of oils to protect against insect born illnesses. It comes in a frosted bottle with a choice of 9 cap colors and a pocket clip. Attach a split key ring with a nylon strap and carabiner or clip on lanyard for an additional charge. 12 month shelf life. USA produced. The Insect Repellent Pen Sprayer is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 5/8" Width x 5.5" Height

Bug Repellent Wipes

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There are 10 wipes per package with a pleasant citronella scent. The active ingredients is this are: Citronella Oil (4.0%), Lemongrass Oil (4.0%), Peppermint Oil (2.0%), Vanillin, Purified Water, Potassium Sorbate. The Bug Repellent Wipes is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 6" Width x 3.5" Height

Electric Bug Zapper

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The safe, effective and fun way to deal with insects! Zap bugs and insects with a swat of the racquet! Perfect for use in the home, office, outdoor and more No chemicals, funny smells or annoying sounds Easy push power button LED light lets you know when it is on Uses 2 "AA" batteries (not included). 8.5" Wide x 19" High

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Shield your skin from harm with this 2 in 1 spray. Our all natural insect repellent will help repel biting insects while SPF30 help shield your skin from harsh sun rays. FDA Approved, UVA/UVB Protection, DEET Free, PABA Free This is the ultimate outdoor promotion! 2 ounce pump bottle is compact and practical for on the go. Decal laminated white, clear or metallic. The Insect Repellent with SPF 30 Sunscreen Spray is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 4.85" Height x 1.375" Depth

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Safetec Insect Repellant Botttle, 3 oz.

Rechargeable UV Bug Zapper

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This rechargeable UV bug zapper is portable with a lightweight plastic body and 4 UV bulbs for attracting insects. It has dual-protective safety mesh to prevent accidental electric shock. This UV bug zapper is equipped w/an 800-volt grid & a 500-sq-ft range of attraction w/a rechargeable 3.7-volt battery that (when fully charged) will allow you to rest & relax up to 40 hours. DC input or USB cable & rechargeable battery 3.7V 700mAh included. 7.75" Width x 12" Height x 2 1/4" Thick

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1 Oz. - Insect repellent. Includes full color imprinted label on a PETG round spray bottle. All natural botanical formula, non-sticky, non-greasy, DEET free, easy to Apply, helps repel bugs & mosquitos naturally.

Fight the bite with NaturGuard! Derived from safe natural ingredients, NaturGuard is DEET-FREE and formulated to repel mosquitoes, gnats and other biting insects. Pleasant scent, non-greasy. On white over-label. The NaturGuard Natural Insect Repellent Wipes, Label Imprint is compliant with FDA, Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 2.5" Wide x 3.5" High

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With our effective, you'll never let bugs keep you from enjoying the great outdoors – or making new contacts. This insect repellent is manufactured from an all natural blend of oils to protect against insect born illnesses. Manufactured in USA. 12 month shelf life. The 1 Oz. Insect Repellent Sprayer is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 1.063" Wide x 3" High

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