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Promotional Insect Repellent

Promotional insect repellents will keep any customer free of annoying pests. Insects are easily one of the most annoying hazards of spending time outdoors, and they're almost unavoidable during the spring and summer. With your company logo on a custom printed insect repellent, you'll have highly effective promotional product that no one can resist.. Whether you'd like to keep your customers comfortable at your place of business or while they're on the go, logo imprinted insect repellent is sure to get results. [...]
Bug Spray Pen Stick

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Did you know..Our bug spray is deet-free and 100 percent natural. Protects against blood-feeding insects. Field trips and sporting marketing events; concerts and festivals. Shelf life of 3 years. Produced in USA. 10 ml tube. Did you know..deet has recently been associated with dermal and neurological reactions in humans. White label comes standard. Clear label available upon request at no additional cost. 5.375" Length

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Bug Repellent Mist Sprayer provides you with the most effective chemical free way to repel mosquitoes, ticks, flies, gnats and no see ums. Our Deet Free Insect Repellent formula is safe to use on children. Decal laminated white, clear or metallic. 0.625" Width x 5.75" Height

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Convenient Pocket Clip. The .34 Oz. All Natural Insect Repellent Pen Sprayer is compliant with FDA. 5.25" Height

Insect Repellent Pen Spray

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HumphreyLine all-natural insect repellent will keep the bugs away. Does not contain DEET. Meets FDA Requirements. This pocket-sized insect repellent pen spray features a scratch-resistant, waterproof Tuf Gloss™ label that may be customized with a four-color process print decoration. Choose from Clear, White or Holographic label. Holographic labels are available with single stock color print decoration only. Pen spray available in 11 different cap colors. Available for shipment within United States (including Alas. The Insect Repellent Pen Spray is compliant with FDA, Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 4.875" High

10 mL. CleanZ Pen Bug Spray

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10 Ml. Cedarwood, Insect Repellant. PABA Free. White label standard. Add 2 business days to production if paper proof is requested. Zip It next day service available. Approximately 80 sprays per container. The 10 mL. CleanZ Pen Bug Spray is compliant with CPSIA, FDA. 5.25" High x 5/8" Diameter

Insect Repellent

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With a spray, this all natural "swamp juice" can repel no-see-ums, ticks, mosquitos, chiggers, fire ants, gnats, flies and a variety of blood feeding insects. This bug repellent is also eco-friendly and proudly manufactured in the USA. It holds 10 mL of DEET-free repellent (DEET is a strong solvent that can damage many of the objects that are handled by people on a daily basis, such as plastics and electronics). Customize with your company name or logo imprinted on the lull color label. 5.25" Long

Swamp Juice

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All natural insect repellent, Deet free! Repels a variety of blood feeding insects.

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Enjoy the great outdoors while keeping bugs at bay with our effective, lightly-scented, 0.33oz. insect repellent spray. Deet-free , this insect repellent is produced from an all natural blend of oils to protect against insect born illnesses. It comes in a frosted bottle with a choice of 9 cap colors and a pocket clip.. Attach a split key ring with a nylon strap and carabiner or clip on lanyard for an additional charge. 12 month shelf life. USA MADE. 5/8" Width x 5.5" Height

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1 Oz. Cedarwood, Insect Repellant it is PABA Free. Shown with optional clear label, must be requested. White label standard. Add 2 business days to production if paper proof is requested. Zip It next day service available. Approximately 80 sprays per container. The 1 oz. Bug Spray in Clear Spray Bottle is compliant with CPSIA, FDA. 4" High x 1.125" Diameter

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Shield your skin from harm with this 2 in 1 spray. Our all natural insect repellent will help repel biting insects while SPF30 help shield your skin from harsh sun rays. FDA Approved, UVA/UVB Protection, DEET Free, PABA Free This is the ultimate outdoor promotion! Decal laminated white, clear or metallic. 0.625" Width x 5.75" Height

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Logo Personalized Insect Repellent

Insect RepellentLogo insect repellent typically comes as a spray, but you will find a few rub-on gel versions available as well. Promotional bug sprays and gels can easily stand alone in an insect-heavy area, but you'll often see them combined with sunscreen or other useful outdoor products. Logo pen bug sprays are the most popular type of custom bug spray you'll run into in this department, but credit card style logo bug sprays and sprays in other shapes do exist. Many logo insect repellents also include a handy clip or other attachment to make them practical to carry around.

Custom insect repellents can work well for any business during insect season, but they're easily the most useful for outdoor businesses like beaches, zoos, amusement parks, or tour groups. Customers are always willing to stay longer when they aren't being pestered by bugs, and they'll enjoy the experience far more while they're there. Businesses near beaches and other outdoor attractions can do a very good business with promotional bug sprays, and they also sell very well at drug stores and outdoor supply stores as well.

Nobody enjoys being swarmed by insects when trying to enjoy a day outdoors, so you can count on promotional insect repellent getting plenty of use in the right environment. If you would like to see your customers enjoying a bug-free day entirely because of your business, a simple container of promotional bug spray is all it takes.