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Best-selling USB flash drive is an all-around favorite. Stylish swing design protects USB connector. Hi-speed USB 2.0 swing flash drive with silver metal cover. 2 1/4" long. PC and Mac compatible. We passed a comprehensive audit and meet Disney's standards! This compact flash drive will make a sizeable impression on potential clients! USB 3.0, 32 GB, 64 GB available. 10 Clip Colors: Pearl Silver, Green, Blue, Purple, Aluminum Silver, Silver, Amber Yellow, Orange, Red, Black. 2.25" Length

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Classic USB flash drive constructed of plastic casing, aluminum plating. Feature a swivel case open/close mechanism, and keyring hook for easy carry. Protected by a shock proof, moisture proof, and electromagnetic proof casing. This USB 2.0 gen chip has a hot plug & play, and a fast access rate read/write speed of 12Mbp/s & 8Mbp/s, respectively. Comes with a one year warranty. Available sizes: 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB & 32GB. 2.25" Length x 7/8" Width

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Hi-speed USB 2.0 robot style flash drive. Futuristic drive is the ultimate cool executive gift. High polish heavy chrome - weighs over 1/4 lb. Robot's helmet slides off to reveal USB connector. 3 1/4" high. PC and Mac compatible. We passed a comprehensive audit and meet Disney's standards! Your audience will definitely want to hang on to these pocket drives and keep your logo on hand! 3.25" Height

Wooden Swivel AP141 1GB

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Wooden Swivel USB Flash Drive. If you love the top selling swivel usb and you want to be eco-friendly, this is the ideal match for you. Eco-friendly wood construction with swivel functionality make this the ideal eco-friendly giveaway. MOQ: 50 PCS. Prince Includes: setups, Logo PMS matching, 2C print decoration on 1 side OR laser engraving on 1 side, Free shipping to 1 US location. Limited Warranty. 2.6" Length x 0.8" Height x 0.5" Thick

Swivel USB 2.0 (128MB)

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Company image your customers logo on the most selling USB flash drive ever! This USB drive is a great tool for transporting presentations, files, and we can add a keychain or lanyard too. Includes Setup, 5 Print Colors, 110MB data upload, Lifetime Warranty, and m. The Swivel USB 2.0 is compliant with CE, FCC, RoHS.

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This promo product is the Swivel USB Drive with colored clip. It is available in 10 interchangeable basic colors which allows for 100 possible color combinations. 500 MB upload included and the capacity is 64MB. It also comes with a 5 year warranty. Full color available. See our website for additional packaging and attachments. 55mm L x 19mm W x 11mm H

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Hi-speed USB 2.0 Aluminum Drive AB. USB flash memory drive in anodized aluminum colors. 2 3/8" long. Works with PC and MAC. Makes a great mail-out promotion for any of your favorite contacts! 2.375" Length

Classic USB Drive

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Smooth plastic USB flash drive which is in a rectangular design. It has a removable cap and a hook at the other end. A flashing LED light will indicate operation. Pricing shown is for 1 GB size however 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB options are available. Please email or call to confirm current pricing. 2.90" Width x 0.75" Height

LED USB Drive 1200 4GB

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This specialty item is part of our Global Saver Program and inlcudes: Free 2 Color Print, Free 100mb Data Load, & Free Gound Shipping to the Continental United States (Excluding Alaska & Hawaii) Simple, elegant and easy on the pocket, this LED USB drive, composed of metal and with a crystal end, lights up when plugged into a USB Port. Have your logo Laser engraved on the inside the crystal or on the outside of the metal casing. Available in USB version 2.0 and is available with a Blue LED light. The LED USB Drive 1200 4GB is compliant with CE, FCC, RoHS. 2.125" Long x 5/8" Wide x 1/2" High

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Get into the swing of things by keeping all your information in one place! A great gift for students, professionals and everyone in between, they'll transport files and logo using this best-selling Hi-speed 2.0 USB swing flash drive! It features an aluminum silver cover and a stylish swing clip that protects the USB. With 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB of memory available, this compact flash drive will make a sizeable impression on potential clients everywhere! The 2GB Swing USB Flash Drive w/Metal Swivel Cover is compliant with RoHS. 2.25" Wide x 0.8" High x 0.4" Thick

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