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Hand Sanitizers

Nothing keeps hands clean and fresh quite like promotional hand sanitizers. People are growing more concerned about germs and bacteria every day, and it's not always possible to do a full hand wash in every situation. This provides the ideal opening for on-the-go solutions like logo imprinted hand sanitizers, and you'll find that many people greatly appreciate having a way to cleanse their hands without requiring access to a sink. Custom hand sanitizer developers have come up with all sorts of different ways to store and distribute the sanitizer when it's needed, and you'll spot nearly a thousand different types in our custom hand sanitizer section alone. [...]
Fight germs on the go with antibacterial hand sanitizer spray. This handy accessory is ideal for anyone looking to fight germs while in public. This sanitizer is a great idea for gifts, health clinics and advertising events. Optional carabiners available for an low up charge. Decals are laminated white, clear or metallic before imprinting. The Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Pocket Sprayer 0.33 Oz. Full Color is compliant with FDA. 0.625" Width x 5.75" Height

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This convenient sanitizer comes in soft neoprene sleeve with a secure clip. It contains.5 Oz. of antibacterial gel and FDA approved. 62 percent alcohol with 2-year shelf life. Additional charges apply for International and air shipments. See Compliance for details. The 1/2 Oz. Cozy Clip Hand Sanitizer is compliant with FDA. 1.25" Length x 2.75" Width x 0.875" Height

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This hand sanitizer spray pen has a secure pocket clip. It's FDA approved with moisturizing aloe and vitamin E. It contains 0.27 Oz. of antibacterial spray, has 62 percent alcohol and a 2-year shelf life. The .27 Oz. Spray Pen Hand Sanitizer is compliant with FDA. 0.625" Diameter x 5" Height

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FDA approved antibacterial gel. Moisturizing beads with aloe and vitamin E. 62 percent alcohol. Citrus scented. Two year shelf life. Domestic Ground orders ship via UPS or FedEx only. Additional charges apply to air shipments. 1.25" Long x 2.5" Wide x 0.625" High

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We are always touching our phones, transferring bacteria to our devices. The average cell phone harbors more than 25,107 bacteria per square inch. A cell phone may be the most infected surfaces you come in contact with. Now you can spray and wipe your phone clean of germs such as: E-coli, influenza and MRSA. Our phone sanitizer has been developed to easily solve this growing problem! The Phone Sanitizer - spray phone sanitizer is compliant with CPSIA, FDA, REACH. .875" Depth x 3.75" Height

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10 Ml. CleanZ Pen Hand Sanitizer. Approx 80 sprays per container. Scents: Unscented, Coconut, Lavender and Citrus Breeze. Add 2 business days to production if paper proof is requested. Alcohol based sanitizer have a regulated material charge per box for expedited Shipments. Zip It next day service available. The 10 Ml. CleanZ Pen Hand Sanitizer is compliant with CPSIA, FDA. 5.25" Height x 5/8" Diameter

1 Oz. Gel Go Hand Sanitizer

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This hand sanitizer has a secure adjustable clip. 1 Oz. hand sanitizer in plastic bottle. FDA approved with moisturizing aloe, vitamin E and has a 2-year shelf life and 62 percent alcohol. Citrus scented. The 1 Oz. Gel Go Hand Sanitizer is compliant with FDA. 1.375" Length x 0.875" Width x 3" Height

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Kills 99 percent of germs known to cause infectious illness. Made according to FDA cGMP (FDA current Good Manufacturing Processes). The GoodValue® 0.5 Oz. Original Hand Sanitizer is compliant with FDA. 1.313" Wide x 2.625" High x 3/16" Deep

This convenient and compact size bottle contains .5 Oz. of antibacterial hand sanitizer gel. It fits easily into a pocket, briefcase or purse. Citrus Scented. Meets FDA standards. The 0.5 Oz. Compact Hand Sanitizer Antibacterial Gel in Flip-Top Squeeze Bottle is compliant with FDA, Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 1.25" Wide x 2.5" High

This popular credit card shaped hand sanitizer pump spray bottle contains 20ml/.68 Oz. of citrus scented antibacterial spray. Meets FDA Standards. Material is polypropylene plastic. Please note: Small bubbles and variation in vinyl label application alignment cannot be avoided and is not considered a defect. Clear ingredients label on back will be visible through the front and may make print difficult to read. Thin lines and small text are not recommended. The 20 ml. Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Spray in Credit Card Shape Bottle - Direct Print is compliant with FDA, Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 3.5" Height x 2.25" Width

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Business Promotional Hand Sanitizers

Hand SanitizersCustom hand sanitizers can vary not only in the packaging but in the basic substance of the sanitizer itself. About half of the promotional hand sanitizers in this section take the form of a spray, while the other half take the form of various gels. Promotional sanitizer sprays typically come in a pocket-sized spray bottle, and many of them are built into a logo imprinted sprayer pen. Promotional sanitizer gels, on the other hand, usually come in small, short bottles, often with a clip or even lanyard attachment to make them easier to carry around. Both spray bottles and gel bottles have an extensive range of printing options from basic 1-color logos all the way over to rich, full color images, allowing you to choose exactly the level of complexity you need for your design.

Logo hand sanitizers are perfect for targeting health-conscious individuals, particularly during cold and flu season. They're also ideal for targeting parents and those who work with children, since children are constantly exposed to germs of all kinds. Most logo sanitizer bottles are small enough to be allowed on a plane, making them good giveaways for trade shows or conferences.

For as long as there are still people worried about germs, promotional hand sanitizers will remain a highly effective promotional product for nearly every type of business. Your customers will love being clean and germ-free, and you'll love having them see your company logo whenever they take a moment to sanitize their hands.