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Personalized Gauges Printed

Promotional gauges give your customers a handy tool, while giving them a handy way to remember your business at the same time. There are all sorts of measurements that can be useful to have in daily life, whether it's the amount of rainfall in a yard or field, the pressure in car or bicycle tires, or any number of little things that ensure machines or other tools are running properly. If you'd like people getting a good look at your logo every time they take one of these measurements, we have a whole section dedicated just to the logo imprinted gauges you'll need to do it. [...]
Quick View Tire Gauge

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5-50 PSI pencil type tire gauge. Aluminum body with zinc alloy head. 5.75" Long x 0.375" Diameter

Triangle Rain Gauge

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Clear acrylic rain gauge with black top and black stake. This is a great promotional promo product with lots of ad space. Rain gauge will hold 7 inches of rain. The tapered point may be inserted into the ground or it may be mounted to a post of deck with your own screws. 2" Width x 14.75" Height

4" Magnifying Rain Gauge

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Magnifying rain gauge helps you read the rainfall amount easily. Designed for the water to magnify the numbers, it measures rain fall advertising events up to 4" and it is manufactured with weather resistant, polystyrene material. The tapered point may be inserted into the ground or it may be mounted to a post or deck with your own screws. Reverse print shows through the clear plastic. 2.75" Width x 12.25" Length x 1.5" Depth

Down Pour Rain Gauge

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Low cost heavy gauge 6" Plastic tube available in inch, metric or combination scale. Please note that the ad space tapers on the bottom side and if using the helpful watering hints graphic, then ad space shrinks to dimensions listed under 2nd print decoration area. 3" Width x 9.25" Height

Hammer Head Rain Gauge

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Weather resistant clear plastic allows you to quickly see and measure rainfall marketing events up to 5". The orange marking behind the numbers magnifies the numbers for easy reading. The stake may be mounted to a post with your own screws or the stake may be inserted into the ground. 3" Width x 11" Length x 1.5" Depth

Tire Gauge Keychain

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Keep those tires in good shape, check the pressure regularly with this handy Tire Gauge Keychain! The Tire Gauge Keychain is compliant with CPSIA. 4.5" Height x 1/4" Diameter

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Union Imprinted, High Quality Aluminum Tire Pressure Gauge with Anti-Slip rubber Grip and Clip. Great for monitoring tire pressures, Ideal for mechanics and all drivers. Measures PSI and KG, pocket clip Makes Carrying Easy. Decorated in our Union Shop - Union Bug Available at No Charge!

Magnifying Rain Gauge

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Designed for water to magnify the numbers by more than 35 percent , this rain gauge is especially easy to read. Unit can be inserted into the ground or mounted on a post, deck or outbuilding. Fore even easier reading, a white background is recommended. 12.5" Height

Rain Gauge

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Durable plastic rain gauge measures up to 6" of precipitation. The Rain Gauge is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 2.75" High x 12" High

Water Drop Rain Gauge

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Large droplet shape with a 6" plastic tube rain heavy gauge. The darker the print decoration color, the greater U.V. Fade resistance. You have the choice of NEW "Freight Saving" Polybag or individually boxed packaging, please specify when ordering. 5" Width x 10" Height

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Custom Printed Gauges

GaugesWe stock nearly three hundred different models of custom printed gauges here in this department, but you'll find that the majority of those gauges fall into one of two types. The first type is made up of our promotional tire gauges. Logo imprinted tire gauges provide a quick, convenient way to measure the air pressure in a tire. The models you'll run into in our custom gauge department are typically designed to be highly portable, with many even featuring a carabiner clip or key ring attachment to make transportation even easier. Our custom printed tire gauges are most commonly used by businesses relating to cars or driving, such as car dealerships, mechanics, car insurance companies, and gas stations.

The other major type of custom printed gauge you'll discover in this department is the promotional rain gauge. Logo rain gauges are usually simple cones or tubes designed to indicate how much rain has fallen in a particular area. The design is very basic and straightforward, and all the user typically has to do is set it out in a convenient place on their lawn and keep it there. This not only makes it easy for recipients to use, but also ensures that the logo printed on it stays in a highly visible place whether it's currently raining or not. Promotional rain gauges are very versatile, and they've been used by everyone from landscapers to farmers to real estate companies. They're a safe bet for any business relating to property or land care.

Both promotional rain gauges and promotional tire gauges work incredibly well for promoting companies that relate to what they do, and they're a tool that not many people already have available to use. Whether you're looking to advertise a car dealership, a landscaping service, or one of any number of other car, home, or property related businesses, promotional gauges are easily one of the best ways to get people familiar with your logo and your services.