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Flat and compact, but powerful 3 LED flashlight. This light has 11.2 lumens with a distance of 20 meters. Magnetic back keeps it handy! Includes two CR2032 batteries inserted. The batteries are not replaceable and are UN38.3 certified. The 3 LED Flat Plastic Flashlight with Magnet is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 5" Length x 1/2" Height x 1.6875" Width

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The Max I multi-tool flashlight screwdriver set includes three flat head and three Phillips head extending drivers with electrically insulated heavy duty handle and screwdriver stems. The bright LED flashlight has an on / off switch that also lights up a tool spotlight on the other end to help you see what you are working on. It also features a dual head mini flat / Phillips screwdriver, 39" standard / metric tape measure and integrated spirit level. Three mercury-free AAA batteries included. 2" Wide x 6.125" High x 2" Deep

Ester Flashlight Keyring

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LED flashlight features push button on/off, translucent colored body, matte silver trim and a split ring with swivel connector. Three mercury-free CR1220 batteries included. 1" Width x 3.75" Height x 3/8" Depth

Bottle Opener Key Light

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Extra Bright White LED Light. Slide Switch To Turn On/Off. Metal Bottle Opener. Split Ring Attachment. Button Cell Batteries Included. The Bottle Opener Key Light is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 2.75" Wide x 1.25" High

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Aluminum 3-LED light with lobster clip and rubber push button on / off switch. Flashlight body approximately 2 5/16". 1.063" Width x 3.5" Height x 7/8" Depth

Happy Flashlight Pen

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Don't be left in the dark with this best selling flashlight pen. It's ideal for summer camps, schools, or evening activities. This innovative flash-light pen features a curvaceous white barrel and colorful accents. The bright white LED light and pen mechanism are activated by a slide on/off button. Colorful Classic Style. Translucent color Pen with top white bright LED Flashlight. Retractable mechanism. Black Refill. 5.063" Long x 5/8" Wide

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When power goes out, reach for this hand-powered flashlight that never needs batteries. Ideal for natural disasters, survival kits and more! The Pump Emergency Survival Flashlight is compliant with FDA, Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 4" Height x 2" Width x 1" Depth

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Patented LED technology with fleece beanie with the ideal hands free flashlight. Soft, moisture wicking lining will pull moisture away & keep you warm and dry. When you click the on/off switch. 2 of the LEDs angled down at 55 degrees to light up your hands for close tasks, 2 LEDs are aimed forward to light distance to 72 feet away. 4 CR2032 coin cell batteries hidden in the band provide up to 68 hours of life, easily replaceable. 48 lumens of light output. 22m of forward lighting. The POWERCAP 3555 Lighted Beanie - Black is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65.

Hand-Powered Flashlight

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The Hand-Powered Flashlight has 2 white LED lights. Push the button to turn the power on and off. Squeeze the handle to charge. Comes with a wrist strap, a locking button on the handle and built-in rechargeable batteries. The Hand-Powered Flashlight is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 2" Wide x 4" Long

Cylinder Light/Key Chain

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Push Button To Turn On Light. Split Ring Attachment. Attaches To Backpack, Belt Loop, Etc. 1 AAA Battery Included. The Cylinder Light/Key Chain is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 3" Height

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