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Custom Divot Tools for Promotional Golf Events and Corporate Gifts

With golf continuing to enjoy unparalleled popularity in the business world, golf items like promotional divot tools have easily become the favorite promotional products of many companies. Those who golf typically do it often, and putting your logo on one of their most frequently used tools is a surefire way to keep your company at the front of their thoughts. If you've been on the hunt for a promotional product that will go straight to the heart of any golfer, our logo imprinted divot tools will put you right on the mark. [...]
7 in 1 Golf Tool

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Sleek stainless steel design. Domed ball marker. Heavy duty scrub brush. Divot repair tool. Groove cleaner. Spike wrench. Knife. Ballpoint pen. Key chain. 3.5" Wide x 1.188" High

PitchFix Divot Tool XL 3.0

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Do you want to make a big impression? Then you need a giveaway with space for a large logo. You can personalize the detachable ball marker as well as the entire backside of the pitchfork. The XL 3.0 has aluminum sheets, a rubberized grip and large logo print decoration area backside so it's lightweight but still strong. Switchblade function. Rubberized soft feel. Removable ball marker. 4.438" Height x 1.188" Width

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Tempered springs secure to hat or belt. Removable ball marker. Durable epoxy dome keeps logo protected . 1" Diameter

Union Imprinted, This Golf Tee Set is the ideal set of accessories for your next golf game or practice session, It Includes 4 Wooden Golf Tees 2-3/4" long & 1 Divot Repair Tool, Packaged in a Bag. Divot Tool is Custom contoured for comfortable finger placement, And is constructed of hard Plastic So it would never rust. Chose of 7 different colored tees and 4 Colored Divot Tools. A great promotional giveaway for Golf Clubs & Golf Courses. Decorated in our Union Shop - Union Bug Available at No Charge!

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Pitchfix ® Hybrid 2.0 golf divot repair tool. Features a solid ABS handle with colored rubberized coating and aluminum trim. 17 brilliant color combinations. precision spring-action, switchblade style function. Integrated pencil sharpener. Includes a custom removable ball marker with full color poly dome print. Four unique presentation/packaging options available. Fast 6 working day production, 4 day rush service available. The Pitchfix Hybrid 2.0 Golf Divot Repair Tool is compliant with ANSI, ASTM, CPSIA, Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 2.8" Long x 1.2" Wide x 0.5" High

Hemmed Terry Towel 15"x18"

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Hemmed white terry 1.5 Lb./ dozen Terry towel with hook & grommet. 15" Wide x 18" High

Scramble Pic Golf Tool

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Perfect for Scramble Tournaments! It's unique, it's low cost, it's effective! Continuous advertising for a long lasting gift. Full custom wrap protected in an acrylic sleeve. Magnet on the end of the Scramble Pic allows Pics to be attached to any golf cart. The Scramble Pic helps pick up golf balls without having to get out of the cart which greatly accelerates the pace of play.

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Ergonomic green repair tool. 1" Medallion ball marker is held securely with our rare earth magnet, yet releases with the push of a finger. Durable epoxy dome keeps logo protected. Wreath design gives classic feel. 1.438" Width x 3" Height

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The Pitchfix hat clip is manufactured from strong, thin, titaniumized (anti-scratch and anti-rust) stainless steel and is light weight. The topside is manufactured from Rubberized ABS plastic with a soft feel. Available in black, blue, light blue, green, red, orange, neon yellow, neon pink, white and gunmetal. You can mix and match colors (additional cost), minimum 10 per color.

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Union imprinted, USA Manufactured Round Wooden Golf Pencils, Top quality #2 graphite lead pencil sharpens to a fine exact point, quality eraser provides easy and clean corrections. Comes Sharpened. Decorated in our Union Shop - Union Bug Available at No Charge! The USA Made, Round Golf Pencil w/ Eraser is compliant with FSC, PMA, WIMA. 3.75" Long

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Logo Personalized Divot Tools

Divot ToolsEvery custom printed divot tool starts with the same basic shape, featuring a handle for the user to grip and two prongs for repairing the divot. The logo is typically printed on the handle, where it's certain to be visible to anyone who picks it up. However, once you go beyond the basic required shape, logo imprinted divot tools have an incredible range in terms of color, style, materials, and additional features. Many promotional divot tools have a clip or key ring attachment to allow them to be used as a key chain, while others include other golf tools like ball markers or club brushes built into the tool. Some even include more versatile tools like pens, wrenches, or knives, making them a good golf-themed alternative to a swiss army knife.

A logo imprinted divot tool is one of the best promotional gifts you can give to any golf lover. They can work well as introductory gifts or thank you gifts to specific people, as well as general giveaways at golf tournaments or other golfing events. Custom divot tools get used very regularly on the golf course, making them certain to get your logo seen.

Our logo imprinted divot tools come in nine hundred different varieties, and any one of them would be a great way to appeal to any golf enthusiast. As long as people continue to love golf, promotional divot tools will remain a fantastic promotional product for years to come.