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Vertical mobile induction soap dispenser, no-contact, avoiding secondary cross infection. The sensor has a precise trigger area for precise, high-speed activation. 2 power supply modes, 4 batteries No. 2 (not included) or AC power supply. This station stand is manufactured of heavy duty stainless steel, and with powder coating on the outside, rustproof, anti-corrosion and durable. Stainless steel metal paint bank living room floor stand vertical disinfection mobile phone washing soap dispenser. The Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Floor Stand is compliant with CPSIA. 22.8" Length x 7.4" Width x 6.29" Height

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Easy-to-refill design includes 5 latex-free pattern bandages. Choose from Blue Camo, Zebra, Glitter, Bugs Bunny™, Wonder Woman, Superman, or Emoji bandages. The Bandage Dispenser w/ Pattern Bandages is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 4.188" Width x 1.625" Height x 3/8" Depth

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Thin size ideal for pocket storage, Holds multiple bandages, Includes five starter bandages . The Slide-Right Bandage Dispenser is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 4" Long x 0.375" Wide x 1.625" High

Auto Dispenser

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Size: Sanitizer Dispenser: H 16.53'' x L 5.91'' x W 4.5'' Weight: Sanitizer Dispenser - 2.65lbs; Gel only Capacity: 1000ml Power Supply: X x 4 Energy Saving: 25000 times of battery use Color: White

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The dispenser is suitable for distributing body wash, shampoo, hand sanitizer, etc. The capacity is 500ml. Ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens, offices, schools, Banks, star hotels, restaurants. 2.5" Long x 3.1" Wide x 8.3" High

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This soap dispenser is manufactured of ABS and PC. For added convenience, this promotional item boasts an automatic, hands-free operation for improved hand hygiene and reducing the spread of germs. This machine may be powered by ac adapter and work with liquid pump. Big capacity 1200ml. It is healthy and convenient, suitable for the kitchen, bathroom, office building, hospital, bank and other public places. 5" Length x 4.25" Width x 10.25" Height

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Automatic Wall Dispenser for Sanitizer or Soap. Holds 33 ounces of fluid. 3 options to choose from: foam, liquid, or spray. 2 week total turnaround time. Optional accessory to mount on glass

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Touchless automatic soap dispenser, just place your hand under the sensor motion dispenser, precision infra-red sensor, can detect your hand instantly, achieve a faster response speed of 0.2s to dispensing, completely touchless soap dispenser. Wash hands more often, you need our touch free soap dispenser that it is very convenience and can reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses around us. High efficiency motor making the liquid fluid more smooth. The Automatic Touchless Hand Sanitizers Dispenser is compliant with CPSIA. 4.72" Long x 4.13" Wide x 7.87" High

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Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with floor stand. Freestanding telescopic lifting stand with a adjustable height from 37 to 57 inches, easy be adjusted to the appropriate height. Complete system with automatic dispenser & stand. DOES NOT require any specific solution bag. 1000ml large capacity, dual-use battery plus power cord, available in three options: spray, drip, gel. Works with any liquid sanitizer and any company image. The Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Floor Stand is compliant with CPSIA. 15.7" Long x 15.7" Wide x 57" High

Free standing dispenser, the top is a A4 paper size transparent acrylic fascia board, you can insert a imprinted poster to advertise your company or logo. Automatic infrared sensor of the dispenser, provides quick sanitizer delivery without touching the dispenser, avoiding cross infection. Touch-less thermometer, simple, fast and accurate temperature measurement. Send out a warning when high fever detected. Large LCD screen. Adjustable height, easily adjust to the appropriate height that you want.

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