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Custom Cutters

Promotional cutters are one of the few tools that you can count on everyone using. Knives and other cutting devices were one of the first tools that humanity ever developed, and we've only increased their usefulness as time has gone by. Every one of the logo imprinted cutters you'll see in this section has its own unique purpose, whether it's slicing a pizza, opening an envelope, cutting fingernails, or doing something else entirely. All of our custom printed cutters can have your logo added to them, ensuring that your customers will have your company on the mind every time they use the handy little tool you've given them. [...]
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The worlds best pizza cutter™ has a handle design that features a large print decoration area and is easy to hold in the palm of your hand. Top customers are banks, credit unions and realtors. The ideal promotional promo item to put your message in the home. Cuts pizza, sandwiches, salads and cheese. Removable plastic blade wheel. Dishwasher safe on top rack only. FDA compliant plastic blade. To be cleansed before the first contact with food. Patented Design: Pat. US D652 271. The The World's Best Pizza Cutter™ is compliant with FDA, Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 4.188" Height x 4.5" Width x 1" Depth

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Lightweight metal multi-function tool. Built-in bottle opener and carabiner. Pull-out pocket knife and LED flashlight. The Bottle Opener Carabiner with Flashlight & Knife is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 1.5" Wide x 3.5" High

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The 2 1/4" Classic SD is the epitome of Swiss Army Knives- functional, versatile and always there when you need it. Featuring 7 popular implements, stainless steel blades and Swiss Produced precision, the Classic is the ideal companion for everyone. Available in 13 colors. Produced in Switzerland. 2.25" Long

Carbine Tactical Knife

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Eye-catching and functional handle has a textured, zigzag design. Large print decoration area on blade. Thumb stud and lockback construction. Textured thumb grip for secure hold. Metal pocket clip for easy access. Lightweight and easy to clean. Cal OEHHA Prop 65 Compliant. This marketing product is subject to Section 301 tariffs. Pricing subject to change. The Carbine Tactical Knife is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 4.625" Length

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The Lorenzi Cheese Set is the ideal appreciation gift for your wine and cheese loving clientele. This stylish bamboo cheese board and serving tray features a pull-out drawer and includes 4 stainless steel tools with bamboo handles. Included in the set are a hard cheese knife, semi-hard cheese knife, cutting knife and cheese fork. The tray and all utenstils are FDA compliant. . The Lorenzi 4-Piece Bamboo Cheese Tray is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 13.375" Wide x 13.375" High x 1.5" Deep

Masia 6 Piece Cheese Set

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The Masia 6-piece cheese and dip set is an ideal way to serve your appetizers. It includes 3 porcelain-finished dipping ceramic cups for delicious sauces or small snacks, a stainless-steel knife with a forked tip for hard cheeses and a slate cutting surface. All 5 removable pieces are inset on an elegant bamboo base for easy carrying and good-looking presentation. Each piece is FDA compliant. The Masia 6 Piece Cheese Set is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 11" Width x 1.875" Height x 9.5" Depth

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This knife has a 3 3/4" handle and 2 3/4" stainless steel blade, compact, lightweight, heavy-duty knife featuring a thermoplastic handle with textured surface and finger grooves. Boxed, produced in the U.S.A. of domestic and foreign parts. The Buck® Bantom™ BBW Lockback Pocket Knife is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65.

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Protect Your Countertops By Using This Easy-To-Store Cutting Board . Slicer Cuts Through Hard Or Soft Cheese . Meets FDA Requirements . Hand Wash Recommended. The Marble and Bamboo Cheese Cutting Board With Slicer is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 9" Width x 9" Height

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The Normandy cheese and wine set is the ideal complement to a night of entertaining with friends. Manufactured of acacia wood, this serving block has a slate cutting top and swivels open to reveal a set of 2 cheese knives, a fork and a 3-function bar tool (with corkscrew, knife and bottle opener), all manufactured of stainless steel. The slate top is removable for easy cleaning. The top may be engraved with a special message to make this a memorable gift for all. FDA compliant. . The Normandy Swivel Base Cheese/Wine Set is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 10.188" Wide x 1.75" High x 10.188" Deep

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Stainless Steel Lock Knife

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Stainless steel lock knife. This promotional pocket knife is sure to come in handy on a rainy day (and on just about any other day).Stainless Steel, Lock Blade, 2 7/16"x7/8", Fold Closed, Single Blade, Handle. Price includes One Side Pad Imprint. The Stainless Steel Lock Knife is compliant with CPSIA, Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 1.125" Height x 3.5" Width

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Logo Personalized Cutters for Branding and Promotional Use

- By John Holland

CuttersThere are such an enormous number of situations calling for knives or cutting devices that it's unsurprising how large our selection of promotional cutters truly is. We have thousands of different custom cutters for you to choose from, including from a whole variety of different areas. On the food and dining side, we carry a good number of promotional pizza cutters, as well as a number of promotional pie cutters and cake cutters. From a pure utility perspective, we carry a huge assortment of promotional swiss army knives, logo imprinted folding knives, and custom printed knife sets. You'll also be able to spot a number of promotional cutters designed for other situations, such as logo imprinted letter openers.

Which type of custom printed cutter is right for you is dependent largely on the type of business you have. Logo imprinted pizza cutters are a perfect fit for pizza restaurants, but they can also be a big hit for other types of businesses targeting pizza fans. Promotional folding knives and other utility knives are always loved by customers who enjoy hunting, camping, or other outdoor activities, while promotional letter openers are a welcome addition to any office worker's desk.

Promotional cutters come in so many shapes and sizes that it would be completely impossible to comment on all of their possible uses here. However, no matter what type of business you have or customers you serve, you can rest assured that there's a logo imprinted cutter that will do wonders for your brand recognition.