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Custom Personalized Combs

If you're searching for a promotional product your customers will use frequently, promotional combs are the way to go. Hair combing is a daily activity at a minimum, and most people will invariably need to run a comb through their hair at other times as well. Whether you're a hair salon or barber shop looking for a promotional item that fits the services you provide or you're another type of business looking for a promotional item with near universal appeal, our logo imprinted combs are exactly the one you need. [...]
Boutique Comb

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Color variations may occur. 9" Long x 2" Wide

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Union Imprinted, Oblong Shaped - Travel Mirror & Comb Set, High Quality Comb is Ideal For Styling Hair And is Designed For All Hair Lengths, Also features a Mirror To apply eye makeup, tweeze eyebrows, insert contacts and all other close-up facial grooming. This travel combo Kit is Slim, the ideal size for a purse or pocket great for adding to any toiletry bag. Full Color Process Epoxy Dome Label Imprint Included - NO MINIMUM - Decorated in our Union Shop - Union Bug Available at No Charge!

Detangler Comb

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The wide rounded teeth are designed to detangle without breaking your hair or damaging your scalp. Perfect for long, thick hair styles. Gently detangle wet or dry strands with the Detangler Comb. This wide-toothed comb is designed to painlessly glide through hair without pulling, preventing annoying breakage. This comb is manufactured from durable, thick plastic, so it will withstand daily use with no problem. Plus, special anti-bacterial protection keeps your hair and scalp extra clean. It's ideal for

Combs | 50's | 60's  
Unbreakable Pocket Comb

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Every ad-comb has the word "unbreakable" molded right in it. Guaranteed to last forever. 5" Wide x 1.188" High

Unbreakable Styling Comb

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Every ad-comb has the word "unbreakable" molded right in it. Guaranteed to last forever. 7" Wide x 1" High

Baby Brush & Comb Set

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The brush and comb set helps prevent cradle cap by gently stimulating baby's scalp. The Baby Brush & Comb Set is compliant with ASTM, CCPSA, CPSIA, Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 1.5" Long x 5.75" Wide x 1" High

Unbreakable Ad-Comb

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Every ad-comb has the word "Unbreakable" molded right in it. Guaranteed to last forever. All orders packed with 250 Ad-Combs® in an beautiful display box. 5" Width x 1" Height

6.5" Handle Comb

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This 6.5" handle comb comes bulk packed in bags of 12. Non-Imprintable. The 6.5" Handle Comb is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 6.5" Length x 0.5" Width x 2.25" Height

Unbreakable Dresser Comb

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Every ad-comb has the word "unbreakable" molded right in it. Guaranteed to last forever. 7" Wide x 1.25" High

Folding Comb and Mirror

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This folding comb and mirror is compact and excellent for travel. The Folding Comb and Mirror is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 3.75" Width x 1.25" Height

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Logo Personalized Combs for Salon and Other Events Use

- By Mirtha Holland

CombsLike ordinary combs, custom combs come in a decent variety of different styles and types. Our custom printed comb selection includes plenty of standard-shaped logo imprinted combs in both compact and full size versions, available in colors like red, blue, and green as well as the traditional barber's black. You'll also spot a good number of other types of promotional combs here in this section, such as promotional folding combs, logo imprinted baby combs, and custom printed hair picks. All of our combs can be customized with the logo or name of your shop or salon, and many of our custom combs have even been designed to provide extra printing space.

Hair combing is such a common activity that logo combs can be a hit with nearly any base of customers, but promoting hair salons and barber shops is where they really shine. Giving everyone who comes in for a haircut a promotional comb is a great way to ensure that they're thinking about your business when caring for their hair in the future, and custom printed combs are easily affordable enough to use for this kind of strategy. Best of all, receiving a logo imprinted comb from a hair salon or barber shop is something customers tend to find very natural, making them more likely to welcome receiving them.

Promotional combs can be a hit for any business, but for hair-related businesses they're the best possible promotional product to choose. If you're looking for a promotional item that will remind customers of your business every time they take care of their hair, you're sure to find plenty here in our custom printed comb section.