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Customized Marketing Cloths

Customized marketing cloths are one of those practical little promotional items that everybody can understand the use for. Devices like mp3 players, cell phones, tablets, and cameras are more popular than ever before, and there are always a sizable number of people who wear glasses or sunglasses regularly. With nearly everyone having an item that could benefit from gentle smudge removal, logo imprinted cloths are one promotional product that few people are inclined to turn down. The custom cloths themselves may be simple, but you'll find several hundred different possible variations to choose from here in JH Studios' custom cloth department. [...]
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Soft microfiber cloth is perfect to clean or remove smudges & fingerprints without any use of chemicals. Ideal for mobile devices, eyeglasses/sunglasses, cameras, LCD Screens, computer screens, Ipads, tablets & other delicate surfaces without leaving any scratches. Includes full color process print decoration. Available in custom shapes, sizes, edges & special packaging. *When imprinting on a double sided microfiber, the reverse side will be slightly faded and/or lighter in color due to dye sublimation. 6" Width x 7" Diameter

Premium Microfiber Cloth

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Premium high-density microfiber cloth, Cleans without scratching, Machine washable, Vivid Color Dye Sublimination available on white promo product only. The Premium Microfiber Cloth is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 6.0" Width x 6.0" Height

Package your cloth in style and show off with TrueColor™ that adds stunning Full-Color graphics to our most popular cloth, the Ultra Opper Fiber®. Sets the standard for cleaning performance and a luxurious feel. Add your custom print and use as giveaways, business cloths®, branding pieces and more! 6" Height x 6" Width

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Produced Of Flame-Retardant 180G Elastic Polyester . Includes PVC Zippered Carrying Bag. Stain-Resistant, Water-Resistant, Wrinkle-Resistant, Flame-Retardant, UV Protection, Good Wear Resistance, Oil Proof. High Strength And Superior Durability. Dressed With Our Fitted Elastic Table Covers, Your Plain Table Will Look Slim And Different Right Away. Provides A Professional And Clean Visual Presentation. EQP Does Not Apply to Custom Orders. Random Samples Not Available. The 6' Stretch Table Cover is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 109" Wide x 79" High

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These 100% microfiber cleaning cloths are produced with high-density microfiber materials designed to remove dirt, dust, and oily smudges from sensitive surfaces like sunglass, eyeglass and camera lenses, cell phone, tablets panels as well as laptop and computer screens without scratching. Comes with serrated edges. We print directly on the cloth instead of a throw away pouch. The 100% Microfiber Cleaning Cloth & Screen Cleaner - 6"x6" is compliant with CPSIA, Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 6" Width x 6" Height

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6" Wide x 6" High Cloth. 220 Gram Microfiber. Great For Cleaning Glasses And Device Screens. The Microfiber Cleaning Cloth In Case is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 4" Wide x 2.25" High

Value Plus Microfiber Cloth

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Deluxe silk microfiber cloth, Cleans without scratching, Machine washable, Vivid Color Dye Sublimination available on white promo product only. The Value Plus Microfiber Cloth is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 6.0" Wide x 6.0" High

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The clean choice. Full color microfiber cloth for Smartphone, tablets, computers and eyeglasses packed in a clear pouch. Gorgeous full color print on white cloth. Full Bleed; edge to edge. Gram Weight of microfiber: 230 GSM. 100% Polyester. Soft scratch-free microfiber fabric. Photo quality images with high resolution. Bulk packed. 6" Width x 6" Height

The softest, thickest most luxurious microfiber cloth on the market (245 gsm). Customers will absolutely love them, will be used for years! Ideal for fragile screens and glasses. Easily removes fingerprints, moisture and smudges without scratching. Fabulous durable canvas to promote your company image and spread your message, with amazing high quality text and graphics. Manufactured of 80% Polyester 20% Polyamide, beware of cheap 100% Polyester cloths that scratch screens! 6" Long x 6" Wide

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Experience a microfiber cloth as you never have before with Smart Cloth Valü. Beautifully crafted with a stunning full-color print at an incredible value, it delivers peerless branding opportunities, suburb cleaning, and elegance that Toddy Gear is known for at a budget-friendly price. 5.5" Width x 5.5" Height

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Custom Printed Cloths for Company Branding or Business Use

- By Mirtha Holland

ClothsWhile in theory custom cloths can be made from a number of different materials, in practice nearly every promotional cleaning cloth is made from microfiber. Logo imprinted microfiber cloths are very effective at removing smudges, but also very lightweight and very gentle on the surfaces they're used to clean. Traditional screen and eyeglass cleaning cloths are anywhere from 3" to 6" in width and height, but you'll also spot a number of miniature custom cleaning cloths here in this section. Every single custom cleaning cloth we carry can be imprinted with your logo or design, and many of the models we sell allow for full color printing over the entire surface of the cloth. This allows not only for a logo to be printed there, but also an actual advertisement, if desired. Many of our promotional microfiber cloths also come with a logo imprinted storage pouch, to ensure that the cloth is advertising your company even when it's folded up.

Custom cleaning cloths are so widely useful that just about any organization or company can get good results from them, but those who sell electronic devices or eyeglasses can benefit most of all. Any item with a screen or other glass component is going to smudge, and those who have just purchased a new pair of glasses or electronic device are the perfect people to target with logo cleaning cloths.

There are very few people who can't benefit from a nice custom cleaning cloth nowadays, making promotional cloths one of the most universally useful of all promotional items available today. If you'd like to have people seeing your company logo every time they clean a smudge off of their screens or glasses, our custom cloths are everything you could possibly hope for.