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Promotional Clipboards for Business or Giveaways

Promotional clipboards are an excellent way to make your business and your employees look their most professional. There are all sorts of situations where clipboards are needed in business, whether it's during meetings, at trade shows, or even when having customers fill out forms or documents. Using logo imprinted clipboards instead of plain, ordinary ones is a great way to increase your branding, as well as make your business seem more organized and professional to those who see them. Custom printed clipboards are available in a sizable range of styles, and we have a whole plethora of great clipboard models right here in our custom clipboard section. [...]
Letter Clipboard

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Full-sized clipboard with a 4" clip holds a standard 8 1/2"x11" writing pad. Imprintable on the clip and on the board. Print decoration area 11 1/2"x8 5/8" Back Board. Price includes 1 c. print decoration on clip. The Letter Clipboard is compliant with ANSI, CPSIA. 13" High x 9.125" Wide x 1/8" Thick

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Low Profile Legal Clipboard with Metal Clip. Holds up to 8 1/2"x11" or 8 1/2"x14" pad. Packaging- Individual poly bag. Select from 6 Transparent and 2 opaque colors. Custom colors are available min. 5,000. Please call for pricing. The Low Profile Legal Clipboard with Metal Clip is compliant with ANSI, CPSIA. 14" Height x 9.125" Width x 5/32" Thick

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This letter size clipboard is a small writing board with a metal clip at the top to hold papers in place. Please Note: Small shifting of print decoration cannot be avoided when imprinting. As each specialty item is produced and imprinted individually, up to 3/16" movement in logo alignment may occur. Clipboards are intended for individual use and cannot be compared for comparison to one another. 9" Wide x 12" High

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This clipboard features three print areas: the clip, the front of board, and even the back of board, which can also be printed with full color. Cost includes one color print on clip. 3rd print area Back of board 8"x9". Please note: Small shifting of print cannot be avoided when imprinting. As each marketing item is made and imprinted individually, up to 3/16" movement in logo alignment may occur. Clipboards are intended for individual use and cannot be compared. 9" Width x 13" Height

Keep-It™ Clipboard

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Clipboard features pen holder and nail hole for hanging. 14" Width x 9" Height

Contour Letter Clipboard

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Contour Clip and Board design with an extra Large double spring clip, holds a standard 8 1/2"x11" writing pad. Imprintable on the clip and on the board. Opaque Clip and Transparent Board (Black and White Boards are opaque). Clip print area 2"x5 3/8". The Contour Letter Clipboard is compliant with ANSI, CPSIA. 9.5" Wide x 14.5" High x 5/32" Thick

Message Clipboard

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Holds up to 50 sheets of paper. Optional pad imprint decoration on clip 1 5/8"x3/8" 1 color max., additional charge. 9.875" Wide x 13.625" High

Clipboard Portfolio

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Sturdy clipboard portfolio with internal storage pocket. Features 60 sheet lined notepad and spring-action clip. Thick, textured cover provides a secure and sturdy surface for writing. 12.25" Height x 9.25" Width

Clipboards |   
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This clipboard folder is ideal for note taking on the job. Internal clip for writing pad. Business card slot. Interior pocket. Includes 8 1/2"x11" writing pad. 9.5" Width x 12.625" Height x 5/8" Depth

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White letter size clipboard. Nothing makes someone look more official than a clipboard. So whether your business caters to doctors, dentists, scientists, professors, quality control specialists, or any other clipboard-sporting profession, these clip boards are sure to do the trick for your company image. Price includes one color on the clip. Four color process decals are available, consult factory for details. The Letter Size Clipboard/ Spot Color is compliant with CPSIA. 9" Wide x 14" High

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Custom Clipboards for Promotional Use

- By John Holland

ClipboardsThe basic logo imprinted clipboard format is very straightforward, consisting mainly of a sturdy letter or legal size board with a clip attached to the top. However, there's a fairly good amount of variation when it comes to the appearance, materials, and extra features unique to each board. The clip at the top of a promotional clipboard can vary in size greatly, with many having larger than usual clips to allow as much space as possible for any logo that might be printed on it. Most custom printed clipboards allow printing on the back as well as the front, so that the logo will be visible to anyone the person holding the board is interacting with. A few of the personalized clipboards we carry are also enhanced by other features, such as a handle or a built-in calculator.

Logo imprinted clipboards can be used by any company or organization that has large amounts of paperwork, but they're an especially good choice for those who have clipboard-wielding employees dealing with the public on a regular basis. This includes both medical and dental practices, as well as businesses like banks, real estate agents, and insurance companies. It also includes businesses and organizations that like to have customers fill out surveys.

Whatever area your company or organization happens to deal with, promotional clipboards will tell your customers and employees that you mean business. If you'd like to enable your employees to make the best possible impression on the customers they interact with, giving them logo imprinted clipboards can do a great deal to help.