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Cases Logo Personalized

Promotional cases are one of the most consistently visible promotional products in use today. Whether they're used to store something as simple as business cards or as high-tech as a tablet or smartphone, the simple fact is that the case will always been seen before whatever happens to be inside it. If you'd like to maximize the exposure of your logo to the world, you need to get those items carried in custom printed cases. We stock more than a thousand different logo imprinted cases here in our promotional case section, so you should have no problems finding just the right one for your company or organization. [...]
Silicone Smart Wallet

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Be smart and keep your cards close to you without the bulk of a bag or wallet. Silicon wallet attaches to your cell phone with 3M adhesive, holds up to 3 cards securely. Ideal for travel beach days or a night out. 2.125" Wide x 3.5" High

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Taffy Multi-Use Grip Holder

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The Taffy Multi-Use Grip Holder will not only keep your phone in place on your hand, but it can also help organize cords, keep your towels properly hung, and even hold up your favorite pen within easy reach. Use it on the back of your phone as a ring loop for your hand, a stand for when you want to put your phone on your desk, and even as a hands-free car mount for when you're driving. Or use it in your cubicle as a hanger for clothes, reading glasses or other promotional products you want to keep close by. The Taffy Multi-Use Grip Holder is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 3.25" Wide x 1.063" High x 3/16" Deep

Weatherproof and Waterproof. Great for the beach, the pool, river, lakes, and other outdoor water or dusty activities. Features double fastener closure strips AND thick hook and loop fastener strip to ensure a complete waterproof and clean environment. Phone touch screen may be used even when inside the clear case. Also use as a storage container for other promotional products like wallet, keys, money, credit cards, and ID in wet or messy environments. Pocket size is 7 3/4"x3 1/2". The "Truckee" All Purpose Waterproof Pouch w/ Breakaway Lanyard is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 9.875" Height x 3.75" Width

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The ultimate accessory for the modern age, the TekStand & wallet keeps your cash, cards, and logo close to you at all times. This promo product attaches to your cell phone with 3M adhesive, and can hold up to 3 cards securely. The added functionality of the silicone stand allows for easy viewing of videos and is also ideal for speakerphone. this is the ideal promo product for any giveaway. 2.25" Width x 3.5" Height

Clam Cell Phone Holder

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Hold your smart phone or digital music player portrait or landscape in this great looking Clam Cell Phone Holder! The curved cell phone holder may be printed with your message to create an impressive marketing item for the next technology marketing event or phone release. Cell phone holders are great desk accessories for the home or office. business is calling! The Clam Cell Phone Holder is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 2.125" Width x 2.25" Height x 2.0" Depth

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Simply snap onto vent for use a as phone holder. Attach adhesive-backed round plate to back of phone for a magnetic connection, Have a phone case? Insert the circular plate between your phone and case for a magnetic connection. Can also be used as a phone stand. The Magna Grip Vent Clip & Phone Stand is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 1.75" Diameter x 1.625" High

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Go hands-free with the Mercado silicone phone holder and 16" lanyard. The silicone straps wrap around the corners of your smartphone, even if you have a phone case. It has an integrated wallet that conveniently holds two cards, such as your I.D., business card, credit card or hotel room key. The 16" detachable lanyard keeps your phone within reach and the swivel clip gives you more options to carry your phone along. The Mercado Silicone Phone Lanyard is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 2.875" Wide x 22.5" High x 1/4" Deep

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Silicone Phone Wallet

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Phone wallet stays on the back of most phones and phone cases without demagnetizing your cards. The Silicone Phone Wallet is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 2.25" Wide x 3.375" High x 1/8" Deep

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Waterproof pouch protects phone from the elements including dust and sand. Features a heavy duty waterproof closure. Clear front allows use of touch screen while in case. Comes with clip-on Lanyard. Elastic strap with hook and loop closer an be used to attach to arm. Includes built-In waterproof audio jack. Also ideal for holding small electronics, watches, keys, etc. Cases will remain waterproof up to a depth of 32'. The Waterproof Smart Phone Case w/3.5mm Audio Jack is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 4.5" Length x 8" Width

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Patented silicone pocket with detachable lanyard. Exclusive! Works with most mobile phones. Pocket doubles as wallet and may be used with or without lanyard. Can hold credit cards, driver's license, business cards, stylus or other small personal specialty products. Strappy technology is easily removable. Patent information: PRME 5791; USSN: 29/533,949. This promotional item sold by Prime are for branded promotional use only. They are not available from Prime as blanks and may not be used for retail sales. 3" Wide x 6" High

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Promotional Cases for Marketing Events

- By Mirtha Holland

CasesThere are custom cases for nearly every item under the sun, but the most common custom cases used by businesses are logo imprinted cell phone cases and personalized card cases. Promotional cell phone cases or promotional cell phone covers can be used effectively either within a business or with customers, and many businesses use a combination of methods to get the best marketing effect possible. Logo cell phone covers are a common way to get a bit of advertising out of company cell phones, but they can also be an easy way to put your logo on the cell phones your employees already own. If you create a logo cell phone cover with an attractive enough design, you can also count on some of your customers being willing to use them as well.

Promotional card cases can also be used by both employees and customers, but in different ways. Personalized business card cases are a great way to make your employees look a bit more professional, while ensuring that their business cards are always clean and unwrinkled when potential customers first sees the cards. On the customer side, a nice promotional credit card case can be a very good promotional gift.

Custom cell phone covers and custom printed card cases are only a couple of the promotional cases you'll uncover here in this section. If there's a particular type of case you'd like to see your logo printed on, you can be sure that you'll run across it here from our custom printed case selection.