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Promotional Carabiners

Promotional carabiners show that small promotional items can sometimes have the largest effects. Every promotional product has one essential goal: keeping people thinking about your business. A good logo imprinted carabiner is convenient, practical, and above all else, very easy to get people using in their everyday lives. Their simple, compact design has ensured that they remain extremely affordable, while their versatility has given us thousands of models to stock our selection. If you've been hunting for a promotional product that gets quick, yet consistent results, our promotional carabiner department has more than you could ever imagine. [...]
Strap in for an outstanding promotional giveaway with the Strap Happy carabiner keychain! Measures 6" x 1.5" and available in several colors, this eye-catching specialty product features a secure singleatch metal carabiner, a matching colored mesh strap, a silver key ring and a customizable metallic plate. A perfect giveaway for any advertising event, it may be printed with your company image logo to make a lasting corporate impression. The Strap Happy Keychain - Laser Engraved Key Tag with Carabiner & Mesh Strap is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 7" Long x 0.2" Wide

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Case manufactured of polypropylene plastic and features storage compartment filled with approximately 20 clear disposable 0.0007 Mm PE starter bags for the careful pet owner. Refills not available for purchase, however case unscrews to refill with extra plastic shopping bags from around the home or your local pet supply store. Disposable bags measure approximately 10.625"w x 12.625"h each. Includes a silver metal carabiner for use on the go. Production times may vary due to print method. The Pet Waste Disposal Bag Dispenser is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 3.25" Width x 3.5" Height x 1.5" Depth

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Brightly colored, these modern aluminum carabiner key holders will be well received by those on your list! Includes strap with split ring. Marketing item is not a load bearing device. The GoodValue® Anodized 8 Mm Carabiner Keychain is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 5.625" Wide x 1.625" High x 1/4" Deep

8mm Carabiner

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2 " Strap. Split Ring Attachment. Attaches To Backpack, Belt Loop, Etc. The 8mm Carabiner is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 3" Height

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Carabiner Strap

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The Ultimate in Promotional Key Tags - the Carabiner Strap. Laser engraved metal trim. 2nd print location available. The Carabiner Strap is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 5.75" Width x 1.25" Height

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This marketing product includes a mini polyester cooling towel (12"w x 13"h) folded in compact AS plastic case with an iron carabiner attached. A black elastic band helps keep the towel folded in the storage case. Printing is only available on the case. 2.2" Wide x 2.8" High x 1.2" Deep

3-in-1 charging cable with 5 pin attachment for use with Apple® iPhone® 7, 8, and 10 and other Apple® devices, Micro USB attachment for use with Android phones and a new Type-C connector for the newest Android® phones. Recommended for charging one device at a time. Stretches to 13 1/2' in length. Due to the large selection of designs & thickness on individual phone cases, some cases may restrict the cables ability to connect securely to the phone. The "Weber" 3-in-1 Charging Cable for Cell Phones & Tables w/Carabiner is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 1.188" Width x 8.5" Height

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Extra Bright White LED Light. Push Button To Turn On/Off. Attaches To Backpack, Belt Loop, Etc. Button Cell Battery Included. The Reflector Key Light With Carabiner is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 1.25" Wide x 2.75" High

Use the carabiner to clip this bottle to your briefcase, backpack or purse and never leave home without it. The bottle contains 1.0 Oz. of citrus scented antibacterial sanitizer gel. Meets FDA Standards. Material: PVC Plastic. The "SanGo" 1 Oz. Hand Sanitizer Antibacterial Gel Flip-Top Bottle w/ Carabiner - Spot Direct is compliant with CPSIA, FDA, Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 1.5" Width x 4" Height

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Composed of durable stainless steel, the nite ize doohicKey features a half-dozen tools that do everything from tighten bolts and screws to open a bottle of refreshment, all in a simple key tool that fits in the palm of your hand. Features include a sturdy carabiner clip where its opening is strategically shaped to function as a wrench, an etched ruler for on-the-spot measurements, a bottle opener, a flat head screwdriver, and a blunt tip box cutter, that is TSA friendly. The Nite Ize® DoohicKey™ Key Tool™ is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65, TSA.

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Logo Imprinted Caribiners for Sports, Schools and Promotional Use

- By John Holland

CarabinersWe carry an incredible array of logo imprinted carabiners among our selection, and while you'll find that the basic clip shape and function remains essentially the same between models, just about every other feature has an amazing amount of variety. Our custom printed carabiners come in a whole range of different sizes, and you'll find custom carabiner models in just about all colors of the rainbow. Many of our personalized carabiners have an attached keyring, while others are attached to other types of clips or even full products, like water bottle holders. In some models, the logo is printed on the carabiner itself, while other models often have the logo printed on a larger strap attached the carabiner, to provide more printing space and visibility.

Custom carabiners are one of those small, useful items that appeal to just about everyone, so they're an effective choice for just about any type of business. Promotional carabiners are especially effective when combined with other useful promotional products, since it gives recipients an easy way to keep the item hooked to a backpack, bag, or belt. This makes recipients more likely to keep the item with them when they go from place to place. Items like water bottles or miniature flashlights work particularly well.

When it comes to successfully using promotional items, consistency is key. You need items that will get your logo seen by customers on a regular basis, and there are few items better equipped to do it than promotional carabiners.