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Buckets Customized

Customized buckets are the perfect promotional item to get any party started. After all, a party just isn't a party without food or drink, and that food and drink has to be kept somewhere. Logo buckets are the perfect size for keeping beer or soft drinks on ice, and they're also great for serving treats like popcorn or potato chips. Whether you use them at company events or give them to customers to use at events of their own, custom printed buckets are one promotional product that's guaranteed to get people thinking about your company while they're having a good time. [...]
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These plastic agricultural pails are a farmers necessity for transporting seed to testing facilities for quality and moisture content. Your logo and company information will always be at your client's fingertips. Price includes one full color decal attached to one side; second decal and snap on lid available - see Add Ons or inquire for details. Stocked in white and black only; inquire about custom colors. Direct imprint (1-color) available for orders of 1008 or more.

32-oz. Pail with Handle

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HumphreyLine 32-ounce pail is produced with premium materials. Optional (non-decorated) White Lid available at US $0.25/CDN $0.50 (G) each. Optional Shovels also available at US $0.25/CDN $0.50 (G) each. Pail includes handle. Must specify handle color. Handles and Optional Shovels are available in: White, Red, Blue or Black. All optional accessories packed separately. Produced in USA. FOB ZIP: KY, 41042. The 32-oz. Pail with Handle is compliant with CPSIA, FDA, Food Grade, Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 5.25" High

5 Gallon Plastic Bucket

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5 Gallon plastic bucket used for nearly anything you can think of. Examples of use, hardware stores, bait shop bucket, cleaning supplies. 11.875" Wide x 14.5" High

64-oz. Pail with Handle

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HumphreyLine 64-ounce pail is manufactured with premium materials. Optional (non-decorated) White Lid available at US $0.25/CDN $0.50 (G) each. Optional Shovels also available at US $0.25/CDN $0.50 (G) each. Pail includes handle. Must specify handle color. Handles and Optional Shovels are available in: White, Red, Blue or Black. Decorated pail lids also available. All optional accessories packed separately. Manufactured in USA. FOB ZIP: KY, 41042. The 64-oz. Pail with Handle is compliant with CPSIA, FDA, Food Grade, Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 4.75" Height

15 Qt Galvanized Metal Tub

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Each steel tub is galvanized in order to safeguard from rust. After use, wipe clean with damp cloth. 20" Length x 11.75" Width x 7.25" Height

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6" Pail w/ Shovel

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Portable to take on a trip at the beach or just out in the backyard. Our plastic sand pails are ideal promotional giveaways for resorts, vacation spots, beach clubs or spas! Includes a white plastic shovel. Perfect for day cares, travel agencies and community centers. The 6" Pail w/ Shovel is compliant with CPSIA. 6" High

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Galvanized metal bucket is comprised of the best quality steel. Durable and rust proof, these buckets are great ways to display your marketing item. Each bucket has a handle for carrying and large print decoration area for branding. Our buckets have numerous uses from on-site beverage service to everyday home storage and use. And best of all they are proudly Manufactured in the USA!

6" Sand Pail and Shovel

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Our 6" Sand Pail with Shovel Set is produced in the USA! Have some fun in the sun at the beach or use them during the winter to play in the snow! 6" Height

Popcorn Bucket

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Make your next movie night a promotional success with these nostalgic popcorn buckets! Designed with the traditional red and white stripes (on 2 sides), this reusable plastic bucket leaves space for your custom print decoration on either white side and still gives you room for loads of delicious popcorn. Give away this popcorn box at movie nights, theaters, gift baskets parties and more. This is a promotional promotional item that will resonate with your clients for years to come! 7 1/2" Thick x 3.75" Width

Frio Ice Bucket

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This stainless steel ice bucket has the capacity to hold 6 bottles with ice. The frame is double ribbed, giving extra support to the bucket, as well as two bottle openers on each side of the bucket. The Frio ice bucket is also ver versatile, making it easy to carry and easily accessible to the user. 8" Wide x 8.5" Long x 7" High

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Logo Imprinted Buckets for Promotional Use

- By John Holland

BucketsLogo imprinted buckets can be put to an amazing number of different uses, and you'll find both general purpose promotional buckets as well as specialized ones here in this section. General purpose custom buckets can be used for just about anything, and they come in several different types of material, including plastic, metal, acrylic, and even fabric versions. Plastic logo imprinted buckets are very lightweight, while metal ones are extremely durable. Most of our buckets are fairly simply in design, but you will spot a few promotional folding buckets among our bucket selection, and many customers do like the novelty.

In addition to standard promotional buckets, you'll also see plenty of custom buckets intended for specific purposes here in this section, such as promotional ice buckets, promotional beer buckets, and even promotional sand pails. Logo imprinted ice buckets and beer buckets can naturally be used for a whole variety of other things, but some of them do come with accessories based on what they're meant to be used for, such as tongs.

It's very easy to find a good use for promotional buckets, and that makes them a great promotional item for a whole variety of different situations. They're perfect for any party, picnic, or other situation where food and drink are being served, but they can also work surprisingly well for things like carrying golf balls or other small items. They can also be a good base for custom gift baskets filled with other promotional goodies. However you imagine yourself using your promotional buckets, you can be sure that we carry just the right item somewhere in our custom printed bucket department.