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Boxes Personalized

There are few people who can truly say that they have a place for all of their stuff, and until everyone can say it, personalized boxes will have a solid place in the world of promotional products. Every item you own needs to be stored somewhere, and most people like to be able to keep things in a place where they can find it when they need it. Because of this, just about every type of item on the market today has its own box or container that it can be stored in, and we've gathered up every type imaginable here in our custom printed promotional box section. Whether you're looking for promotional pillboxes, promotional utility boxes, or anything in between, you'll find it here at JHStudios.com. [...]
Retro Lunch Box (8"x6"x4")

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Looking for a cool retro touch for your next promotion? We've got you covered with our cool retro metal lunch boxes. Available in three classic colors, these lunch boxes are a tasty addition to any giveaway. Ideal for corporate gifts, school giveaways and so much more. Decal laminated white and metallic. (Clear decal not available). The Retro Lunch Box is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 8" Width x 6" Height x 4" Depth

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Make an UNFORGETTABLE IMPRESSION!! Ideal packaging for direct mail campaigns, for customers with high value propositions, subscription boxes, premium gifts, and new promotional item launches!Also, great for obtaining appointments with C-level executives and anyone else you want to hand or ship a standout piece that WILL GET NOTICED! Our attractive 4-color 3 Deep mailers are SURE TO STAND OUT-helping increase both open & response rates and surge your sales efforts!! 11" x 9" x 3.5" - *OTHER SIZES AVAILABLE. The PRESENTATION & MAILER BOX is compliant with FDA, Food Grade. 11" Long x 9" Wide x 3.5" High

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Tuck and Roll Tuck Style Display Mailers are the choice when the company image unveiling of the contents matters. Our most popular size for gifts, subscriptions, company event materials, on-boarding kits and more. The small compact size is excellent for jewelry, awards, pens. Ideal size for company event swag, favors or corporate gifts. The larger sizes fit apparel, binders, framed certificates, or gift bundles. Produced in the US. The Full Color Printed Corrugated Display Mailer is compliant with SFI. 5" Length x 3" Width x 1.5" Height

Our boxes are sure to stand out and serve as a billboard in the office all day long by letting everyone know who brought in the treats! PERFECT FOR OUTSIDE SALES in every industry (Banks/Credit Unions, Insurance/Mortgage companies, Hotels, Senior Living, Transportation Services, Universities etc.) REPS CAN INCREASE SALES by dropping off donuts, bagels, and more in their own custom boxes to both BUILD BRAND RECOGNITION and BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS! *Eco-friendly, 100% recyclable. The GABLE BOX ~ Custom Full Color Donut Style Box w/ Handle and Business Card Slot is compliant with FDA, Food Grade. 10" Length x 4.4" Width x 5.9" Height

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This lunch box features a color base with a white lid and color accents. There's a removable divider for separating the lunch box into 2 compartments. Do not microwave, and do not place in freezer. The Bento Style Plastic Lunch Box is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65. 7.5" Wide x 4.5" High x 2.25" Deep

Make an UNFORGETTABLE IMPRESSION with 4C high gloss finish, e-flute custom boxes! The ideal packaging for direct mail campaigns, high value propositions, subscription boxes, premium gifts, new promo item launches & more. These custom standout boxes may be shipped or handed out and WILL GET NOTICED! Also, help increase both open & response rates and surge your sales efforts with these attractive boxes! (other sizes available) *ECO-FRIENDLY-100% RECYCLABLE-Produced in the USA*. The Full Color Shipping & Presentation Box w/ High Gloss Laminate Finish is compliant with FDA, Food Grade. 9.5" Long x 12" Wide x 3.7" High

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Keepsake Boxes are high end luxury boxes with a soft touch laminate finish that gives them a soft velvety feel. Customers will fall in love as soon as they get their hands on them. We have 10 standard sizes with a Low Minimum and a Low Minimum on any custom size. For every box we can build a custom insert to hold whatever is going inside giving it that great presentation when the end user opens the box. 24 different colors to choose from. 8" Long x 8" Wide x 2" High

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Benito Bento Box Lunch Box

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stackable lunch box manufactured with high quality food safe materials: food grade PP, silicone, ABS, and are BPA FREE. Extremely easy to wash and store away. Freezer safe, dishwasher safe, microwave safe. 7.5" Long x 5" Wide x 3.6" High

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Gift set includes California sparkling white wine with a deep-etched bottle painted with a one color fill, and custom etched stemless champagne flutes. Our slide top wood box laser engraved with your message or company logo. Bottles and glassware are nestled in excelsior wood shavings to complete the presentation. The Rustic Laser Engraved Wood Box w/ Custom Etched Champagne and Flutes is compliant with Cal OEHHA Prop 65.

Make an UNFORGETTABLE IMPRESSION w/ high-end custom packaging!! Ideal for making a presentation statement, direct mail campaigns, premium gifts, subscription boxes, 'Welcome' kits, new marketing item launches & more! Our good-looking boxes imprint full color on 10pt w/ a high gloss finish on FDA compliant e-flute corrugated. Build your company image by handing out or shipping this standout piece that WILL GET NOTICED helping increase both open & response rates and surge sales!! *OTHER SIZES AVAILABLE. The PRESENTATION & MAILER BOX is compliant with FDA, Food Grade. 12.25" Length x 11.25" Width x 2.75" Height

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Custom Printed Boxes for Promotional Use

- By Mirtha Holland

BoxesAs has already been said, there's a custom printed box for pretty much every type of product available today, and there are promotional versions of all of them. However, some logo imprinted boxes are more popular than others, and promotional pillboxes are a great example of this. We have a fantastic assortment of logo imprinted pillboxes here in this department, including everything from standard seven-day promotional pillboxes to custom printed pillboxes with 28 compartments or more. These pillboxes are incredibly popular with physicians, health centers, pharmacies, and other healthcare-related businesses, and they can be a particularly good way to ensure that patients have easy access to important contact information, as well as give reminders about things like remembering to schedule checkups.

Custom pillboxes are a great way to target patients who need to take daily medication, but we have plenty of other general-use promotional boxes for targeting a wider customer base as well. Promotional cargo boxes can be used for transporting everything from groceries to hunting or fishing gear, while promotional utility boxes are the perfect place to store things like school supplies, office supplies, or sewing supplies. These kinds of boxes have a simple, flexible design that makes them easy to customize for any possible type of recipient.

Our promotional box selection contains thousands of different models intended for such a wide assortment of different activities that it would be just about impossible to mention all of them here. However, no matter what specific type of logo imprinted box you need, you're sure to encounter plenty of amazing possible options here in our custom printed box department.