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Promotional balls offer a surprising level of variety for a promotional item that's so simple. Just about every type of ball you can think of has a custom printed equivalent, whether it's logo imprinted balls for a sport like golf or football or logo imprinted novelty balls like stress balls or beach balls. No matter what type of ball you'd like to see customized with your logo, we're sure to have it here in our custom printed balls department [...]
16" Beach Ball

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16" Beach Ball. The 16" Beach Ball is compliant with CPSIA. 16" Height

Titleist Pro V1® Golf Ball

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With the Titleist Pro V1, you will experience even longer distance on all shots with lower long game spin and even more consistent flight, along with Drop-and-Stop greenside control, very soft feel and long lasting durability. Player Benefits: NEW Longer Distance, Lower long game spin, NEW More consistent flight, Drop-and-Stop greenside control, Very soft feel, Long lasting durability.

Balls | Golf | Sport  
12" Beach Ball

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12" Beach Ball. The 12" Beach Ball is compliant with CPSIA. 12" High

Baseball Stress Ball

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Stress, Reliever, Stress Toy, Squishy, Novelty, Squeeze, Tension, Anxiety, Frustration, Baseball, Diamond, Bases, Pasttime, Sports, Ball. The Baseball Stress Ball is compliant with CPSIA. 2.5" Diameter

Small Football Stress Ball

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Stress, Reliever, Stress Toy, Squishy, Novelty, Squeeze, Tension, Anxiety, Frustration, Football, Gridiron, Quarterback, Linebacker, Field Goal, Touchdown, Sports, Ball, Nfl. The Small Football Stress Ball is compliant with CPSIA. 2" Diameter x 3" High

Titleist® Pro V1® Balls

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Exceptional distance and consistent ball flight. Very soft feel on all shots. Soft compression ZG process core. Long-lasting durability. Responsive ionomeric casing layer. High performance urethane elastomer cover. Tour-proven spherically tiled 352 tetrahedral dimple design. Drop-And-Stop™ greenside control. A.I.M. (Alignment Integrated Marking) sidestamp.

Balls | Golf | Sport  
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Connect with Callaway Warbird 2.0 Golf Ball the and watch it scream down the fairway. The two piece construction is designed for the bomber looking to crush it off the tee. Warbird balls feature a fast core, a durable Ionomer cover and the patented HEX Aerodynamics, that delivers super/long ball flight every time. The long-hitters will enjoy the lasting durability and deep distance that the Callaway® Warbird 2.0 golf ball offers.

Balls | Golf | Sport  
16" Two Tone Beach Ball

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Nothing says summer fun-in-the-sun quite like an inflatable Beach Ball! They have been used as giveaways at trade shows and at sales meetings; and they are great for any beach themed or pool party corporate event! The possibilities are endless! Easy to mail when flat. Combine them with our sand toys or any of our other outdoor specialty items for a powerful promotional kit! Call for details! Beach Balls are measured inflated half the circumference from pole to pole.

Balls | Beach | Fun  
Wilson Ultra 500 Golf Ball

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Wilson Ultra 500! Your customers will be able to play their game with a uniquely marked ball, emblazoned with the name of their #1 fans! This promotional product is not available blank. Custom Packaging Sleeve Available! The Wilson Ultra 500 Golf Ball is compliant with CPSIA. 1.68" Diameter

Balls | Golf | Sport  
EOS™ Lip Balm

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EOS™ lip balm is 95 percent organic, 100 percent natural, and paraben and petrolatum free. Packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter, and jojoba oil, it keeps your lips soft and sensationally smooth. Flavors: Blueberry Acai, Honeysuckle Honeydew, Lemon Drop SPF 15, Tropical Mango, Pomegranate Raspberry, Strawberry Sorbet, Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint, Vanilla Bean, Fresh Grapefruit SPF 30, Lemon Twist SPF 15, Passion Fruit, Wildberry. The EOS™ Lip Balm is compliant with FDA.

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Custom Balls for Teams, Sports Bars and Community Fundraisers

- By John Holland

BallsBusinesses and organizations typically use their promotional sports balls as part of themed promotions targeting sports fans. Promotional footballs can be an extremely effective way to promote a business either at the beginning of the football season or around Super Bowl Sunday, while promotional baseballs are best during baseball season, particularly during the World Series. Promotional golf balls can work well at just about any time of year in many business settings. You can order everything from promotional soccer balls to promotional volleyballs from us, so no matter what particular sport you're targeting, our selection will have you covered.

Finally, there is also a whole class of promotional balls that aren't meant for use in a particular sport as much as for relaxation in general, and we also carry plenty of those. Promotional stress balls are a staple of the business world, and they not only come in the standard plain ball shape you're undoubtedly familiar with, but also in more interesting shapes like footballs, baseballs, and basketballs. We also stock a respectable selection of promotional beach balls for those running summer- or beach-themed campaigns.

Whether you're a business running a marketing campaign based on sports or relaxation or you're just school or sports team who'd like to see your logo on the equipment you use, our logo imprinted balls are exactly what you have been looking for. You won't find a better selection of custom printed balls anywhere else