Do you provide painting services?  Would you like more home owners and property owners in your are a coming to your business when they need a painting contractor?  Promotional products can put your business in exactly that position.  A promotional product like a logo imprinted stress reliever or notepad exposes the recipient to the logo of your painting company over and over, giving your name enough time to actually sink in.  JH Studios has a collection of greater than 1,000,000 different custom printed promotional items spread around our website, making it easy to find a creative and memorable way to get people thinking about your painting company.

The list of items available for customization is practically limitless, but items commonly used by property owners either in the home or at the office are especially good for promoting a painting company.  Items like promotional calendars, notepads, and pens can be used in either, and they have a broad appeal to just about any group of recipients.  Items like tape measures, rulers, or magnifiers can also be good for targeting those planning renovations in general, since they're more likely than average to be spending time taking measurements or looking over sets of plans. 

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Any strategy that puts your promotional products into the hands of home and property owners who need painting services is likely to be effective, and there are countless ways to go about it.  Many painting contractors distribute their items as freebies at trade shows and expos, while others simply pass them out door-to-door or through the mail.

Promotional products are the only real way to get home and property owners to pay attention to the name of a particular painting service before they've even really started to think about choosing one.  If you'd like to be the first painting contractor on potential customers' minds when they need a room, home, or building painted, JH Studios has an incomparable number of products you can use to get them familiar with your company.

Article by Mirtha Holland

Painting Contractor Promotional Ideas