Do you work for a food distribution company?  Would like more producers or retail stores coming to your company for their distribution needs?  Promotional products are just the thing you're looking for.  A good promotional giveaway like a flash drive or a stress reliever can be a great way to start a new relationship with potential clients, while promotional gifts like wine sets or picnic baskets are ideal for maintaining relationships with existing clients and contacts.  JH Studios has brought together well over one million promotional products here on our website. 

Food distributors use a surprising variety of promotional products both inside the company and with clients.  JH Studios has a huge selection of promotional clothing and accessories that are very commonly given to employees, with items like logo imprinted jackets, shirts, and hats being regular favorites.  Our logo imprinted badge reels and lanyards are also very popular.  On the giveaway side of things, we have a fair number of products relating to food or cooking that are ideal for promoting a food distribution company, including simple items like cutting boards or spoon rests as well as larger items like coolers or knife blocks.  

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Building relationships with both producers and retail stores is essential to maintaining a steady food distribution chain, and promotional products are one of the best ways to build those relationships.  Giving someone a promotional gift during the first meeting will give them a far better impression of your company, an impression that will only be strengthened every time they use the item.  Similarly, larger gifts are a good way to show existing clients that their loyalty is valued.

Promotional products are a key part of marketing for any food distribution company. Whether you need something large or small, JH Studios will always have a fantastic range of promotional options for your company to choose from, so whether you need something for new clients, current clients, or employees within your company, you'll find everything you're hoping for right here.

Article by Mirtha Holland

Food Distributors Promotional Products