Customer Appreciation Gifts



Personalized Promotional Products to Say "Thank You"

Personalized promotional products make a wonderful way to say "thank you" to your valued customers.  Your customers are the reason you stay in business and should never be shown anything but appreciation for their patronage.  By personalizing gifts with your logo and contact information you'll be giving not only a gift to them-- You'll be giving a long lasting impression of your company brand and your commitment to to your customers.

Candy Boxes

White Mint Tin With Signature Peppermints
As low as: $1.44

12 Piece Gift Box of Chocolates w/ Chocolate Centerpiece
As low as: $15.81

English Butter Toffee in Wooden Collector's Box
As low as: $31.28

Small Mint Tin
As low as: $1.05

Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels in Silver Gift Box
As low as: $13.83

Rotunda Gift Set Holiday Gift Set w/ 12 oz. Stainless Beer Holder and Tumbler
As low as: $20.06

Mint Tin with Mints, Candy, Gum, or Chocolate
As low as: $0.87

19-Piece Assortment w/Custom Outer Squares
As low as: $22.19

Gourmet Bag
As low as: $0.32

English Butter Toffee & Pecan Turtles in Wooden Collector's Box
As low as: $29.54

Candy Cane Ceramic 3D Ornament
As low as: $6.83

Faux Leather Photo Frame Keepsake Box
As low as: $55.64

Gloss White Candy Glass Ball Ornament 80 Mm
As low as: $3.01

Warm & Cozy Gift Tub
As low as: $52.20

English Butter Toffee in Metallic Blue Gift Box
As low as: $12.09

Candy Boxes


Everyone loves a good gift, no matter how small. People like to know they're appreciated, and customers in particular like to know that you value their contribution to your business. Customer appreciation gifts are a great way to tell your customers that their business is valuable, and when you use promotional items as your gifts, they're also a great way to do a bit of promotional marketing that's genuinely welcome to the recipient.

The logo imprinted pen is probably the most common promotional product given away by businesses, and with good reason. People use pens every day, and every time they use a pen with a logo imprinted on it, they're reminded of the business who gave them the pen in the first place, even if only for a brief moment. The best promotional products and customer appreciation gifts all work on this principle. In addition to pens, logo printed items like mugs, apparel, tote bags, or even things like suntan lotion or hand sanitizer are all gifts that your customer is likely to actually use on a regular basis, and in the process end up seeing the name of your business over and over again.

Any useful promotional gift will be appreciated by your customers, but when giving multiple gifts to the same customer, it's good to vary the type of gift. If you give the customer a mug, they'll see your logo every time they drink coffee. If you give a mug and a tote bag, however, they'll see your logo both when drinking coffee and when out shopping. That's why it's often a good idea to have a customer rewards program where you vary the gifts based on how loyal a particular customer has been and keep rewarding them with different promotional gifts the more loyal they continue to be. This way, you give the customer the benefit of a variety of gifts to reward their loyalty, while also increasing the number of everyday situations in which they are exposed to your company logo.

When you get right down to it, that's why customer appreciation gifts are such a great promotional tool. They show that you're a generous business that values its customers, while also ensuring that your customers are continually reminded of your business even when doing other things.

customer gifts



Executive Gifts

Triumph® Small Quantity Custom Appointment Calendar (Spiral)
As low as: $4.16

Digi Deck Custom Design 4CP Poker Size Playing Cards in Small Quantities
As low as: $6.05

JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Bluetooth® Speaker
As low as: $86.96

11 Oz. Full Color Stoneware Executive Mug
As low as: $2.61

2-in-1 10000 mAh Wireless Charger Power Bank
As low as: $24.80

10,000 mAh USB Power Bank w/Bright LED Light ***US Pending
As low as: $19.06

Kronies True Wireless Earbuds
As low as: $37.70

Ultra-Slim UFO Shape Charging Transmitter w/Led Light
As low as: $6.27

750Ml Standard Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Etched w/ 1 Color Fill
As low as: $29.87

Sonosphear Bluetooth Speaker
As low as: $92.81

5,000 mAh Dual Port Power Bank
As low as: $12.97

Yeti Rambler 20 Oz Tumbler - Engraved
As low as: $40.89

8 Oz. Scented Tumbler Candle
As low as: $5.46

Tuscany™ Slim Executive Charger
As low as: $17.83

Corkcicle 16oz Tumbler
As low as: $22.58

Executive Gifts