College Co-Ed Parties.  Sorority Rush Events.  Nursery Schools.  Booster Clubs.  Holiday Appreciation Gifts.  Sales Incentives and Ladies' Cosmetic Promotions.  Custom plush stuffed animals make the perfect items to include for any or all of these uses and beyond.  Although personalized stuffed animals don't guarantee their recipient's happiness, they can surely make a difference in  a person's mood be they friends, customers or any other event's participators!  They are the perfect giveaway for trade shows and multiplied other marketing uses including significant personal milestones or fun times like birthday bashes or New Year's parties.  Can't find what you're looking for on this page?  Use the search in the sidebar.  We have thousands!

Stuffed Animals

Beige Bear Baby Blanket
As low as: $7.65

7" Plush Bear w/T-Shirt
As low as: $4.79

"Ted T. Bear" 6" Plush Teddy Bear w/Choice of T-Shirt Color
As low as: $4.73

Large Printed Triangle Pet Bandana w/ Hem Opening For Collar
As low as: $2.58

6" Big Paw Bear
As low as: $4.30

PPE Face Mask and one color imprint
As low as: $4.50

8" Santino Bear Stuffed Animal
As low as: $4.04

8 ½" Big Paw Bear
As low as: $5.33

Buffy Baby Goat
As low as: $8.17

10" Sailor Bear Stuffed Animal
As low as: $6.88

8" Reclining Beanie Animal - Tiger
As low as: $4.48

soft plush Rainbow Sock Monkey with hoodie
As low as: $5.60

Plush Bear w/ Embroidered Paws and Hoodie
As low as: $6.32

8.5" Plush Bear w/T-Shirt
As low as: $5.98

10" Extra Soft Brown Bear Stuffed Animal
As low as: $4.83

Stuffed Animals

How Stuffed Animals Can Show the Warm Fuzzy Side of Your Business

Every successful team has a mascot representing them to the world.   However, while sports teams are the most well-known for having animals associated with them, any business, organization, or school can use the same principle to win over the hearts of the public.  Promotional plush animals are the perfect example of how having an animal associated with your business or organization can help to draw people in.

The most common plush animal by far is the teddy bear, but the options certainly don't stop there.  It's possible to get logo imprinted plush animals in the form of dogs, lions, tigers, monkeys, ducks, wolves, cows, and even horses.  These stuffed animals typically have the logo printed on a T-shirt attached to their bodies, getting a good amount of clarity in the artwork even while the body of the animal remains soft and fuzzy.  The cuteness and general pleasantness of plush animals makes them difficult for most people to throw away, and the fact that they're animals makes people connect more strongly with them than other types of promotional items.

This is especially true in the case of parents with children, making this an especially good item for businesses and other organizations that have many parents as customers.  This goes double for any business relating to the children themselves.  A pediatrician or pediatric dentist, for instance, can win over many parents by giving the child a promotional plush animal on their first visit, while also putting the child at ease during an otherwise stressful situation.  Children are often calmer when they have a plush animal to cling on to, and parents are certainly happier when their children are calm instead of frightened.

These are some of the best examples of businesses that can benefit from promotional plush animals, but they are by no means the only ones.  Any business can boost their profile by associating themselves with an animal mascot, and plush animals are the perfect way to do it.


personalized stuffed animals  



8" Santino Bear Stuffed Animal
As low as: $4.04

10" Extra Soft Brown Bear Stuffed Animal
As low as: $4.83

Flo Sasquatch
As low as: $18.06

6" Mini Me Henry Horse
As low as: $5.96

11" Morris Moose w/T-Shirt
As low as: $9.61

5" Q-Tee Collection™ Stuffed Racoon
As low as: $3.91

7" Tumbles™ Stuffed Pecan Brown Bear
As low as: $4.84

8" Thrifty Family™ Stuffed Elephant
As low as: $3.91

10" Patty Bears™ Stuffed Beige Bear
As low as: $5.63

5" Q-Tee Collection™ Stuffed Brown Bear
As low as: $3.91

10" Extra Soft Surgical/Scrub Bear Stuffed Animal
As low as: $6.95

11" Roary Bear w/Machine Knit Sweater embroidered
As low as: $11.83

6" Junior Kids™ Tan Bear
As low as: $2.58

10" "Good-Buy" Dragon™ Stuffed Animal
As low as: $7.68

9" Pudgy Plush™ Stuffed Tiger
As low as: $5.63