Custom Pocket Mirrors Personalized




Custom pocket mirrors are a convenient and easy way for your customers to make sure you are looking their best and a great personalized promotional product not just for salons, photographers and such, but also for so many other types of businesses.  With your logo or message on them, you will never be far from your customer's mind.  Promotional mirrors are a great way of communicating your message.  If you cannot find what you're looking for on this page, use the search feature at the top of the page to find more from our vast selection.


Pocket Size Round Mirror - Full Color Print
As low as: $0.69

Luxurious Mini LED Makeup Mirror 3X Magnify
As low as: $2.92

Folding Hair Brush & Mirror Set
As low as: $0.82

Folding Hair Brush & Mirror Set
As low as: $0.90

Custom Pocket Makeup Mirror
As low as: $1.42

Square Shape Foldable Cosmetic Mirror
As low as: $2.64

Mirror w/Emery Board-Full Color
As low as: $1.23

Sewing Kit w/Mirror - Full Color
As low as: $0.84

Pocket Mirror With Cover - Blue
As low as: $0.62

Arden Heathered Compact Mirror
As low as: $2.58

Ultra Thin Pocket Mirror
As low as: $0.65

Round Compact Mirror
As low as: $0.56

Round Compact Mirror
As low as: $0.58

Double Sided Compact Mirror
As low as: $1.31

Mirror Compact
As low as: $0.74


Custom Pocket Mirrors Reflect Well On Your Business

Everyone wants to look their best and make a good impression on those around them. For many people, this is important enough to warrant carrying a pocket mirror with them at all times. This can come from a desire to ensure that their makeup hasn't smudged, that their hair isn't out of place, or even just that they don't have anything stuck between their teeth. Promotional pocket mirrors can be the perfect way to keep these people thinking about your business as they go about their normal routines.

This is especially useful for companies whose products and services actually relate to helping people maintain their appearance. Those who make or sell cosmetics, for instance, can have great success distributing logo imprinted pocket mirrors to customers. Many drugstores have logo imprinted compact mirrors in their makeup aisles based on this principle. Just about any business relating to fashion or beauty can benefit from having customers reminded of them during moments when they are concerned about their appearance. A woman whose lipstick has just run out will be more likely to plan on buying more at the business whose logo she saw just before applying it, for instance.

There's plenty of variety within the logo imprinted pocket mirrors available, but there are a few standard features most of them share. The mirrors themselves are typically either round or rectangular. Most of the time a single pocket mirror is really two mirrors attached by a hinge so that they can be folded closed while in the pocket. The logo is printed on the back of the mirror, so that the person who owns the mirror will see it every time they use it. Like the name implies, these mirrors are literally small enough to fit in a pocket, making them very convenient to carry around.

And many people do carry them around on a regular basis, giving great marketing benefits to the companies that provide them. If you'd like to reach out to customers who care a great deal about their appearance, promotional pocket mirrors will work very well.


custom pocket mirrors  



Folding Hair Brush & Mirror Set
As low as: $0.82

Fold-in Brush & Mirror
As low as: $1.44

Mirror w/Emery Board-Full Color
As low as: $1.23

Round Plastic Sewing Kit/ Mirror/ Hair Brush Combo (3-5 Days)
As low as: $1.17

Folding Travel Mirror/Comb Set - Full Color
As low as: $0.84

Compact Mirror Comb Combo
As low as: $1.02

Folding Comb & Mirror
As low as: $0.86

Foldable Brush With Mirror
As low as: $0.66

Baby Combo Brush and Mirror Set
As low as: $45.15

Folding Comb Mirror
As low as: $0.67

Nail Filer /Mirror Combo
As low as: $0.99

Nail Filer /Mirror Combo,with digital full color process
As low as: $1.08

Wallet Style Picture Frame and Mirror
As low as: $6.45

Folding Travel Mirror & Comb Set
As low as: $0.75

Mirror with Emery Board
As low as: $0.86