Athletic Teams and Sports Arenas, School Spirit and Booster Clubs, Parade Committees and Community Participation Organizations aren't the only ones who could use promotional foam fingers.  Bring customers your way and inspire team spirit at the same time with logo personalized foam fingers.  Generating excitement in the vicinity of your logo and personalized information could have an overflow effect and capitalize on the good will for the brand recognition of your business.  Can't find what you're specifically looking for here?  Use the side bar search to find more-- We have plenty to choose from!


16" Foam Hand - #1
As low as: $1.34

18" Foam Hand
As low as: $1.54

16" #1 Foam Finger
As low as: $1.38

Foam #1 Finger/Mitt (14")
As low as: $0.88

18" Foam #1 Hand
As low as: $1.91

Stock Blue#1 Foam Hand Mitt
As low as: $2.58

Stock Red #1 Foam Hand Mitt
As low as: $2.58

14" #1 Foam Hand Waver
As low as: $1.10

18" #1 Foam Finger
As low as: $1.90

16" Golf Glove Hand
As low as: $1.34

16" Foam #1 Hand
As low as: $1.85

3" Mailer EVA Hand
As low as: $0.51

7.5" Foam Hand
As low as: $0.86

Foam Finger Hand (22")
As low as: $2.07

16" #1 Foam Hand Waver
As low as: $1.23


How Foam Fingers Can Point the Way to New Customers

Half the fun of watching any sport is cheering on your favorite team.  No matter which team you root for, there's no better way to show them your support than by making lots of noise and of course, by waving a giant foam finger.  We've been waving foam fingers at our teams for decades, and schools, companies, and sports leagues have been reaping the benefits of promotional foam fingers for nearly that long as well.

Everyone recognizes the classic foam finger shape: a single hand, index finger extended to show that the team being cheered for is #1.  These are the most common logo imprinted foam fingers by far, though there are also other hands with other shapes as well. In addition to this, there are also promotional foam hands that don't depict any hands or fingers at all.  These types are usually shaped like something powerful, but easy to wave, such as hammers, mallets, axes, swords, or even baseball bats.  All logo imprinted foam hands, whether hand-shaped or otherwise, can be found in tons of different color combinations, making it simple to create ones that match the colors of a particular team, if desired.

Any custom logo can be printed on them as well, so they can be used to promote any type of organization.  Schools will often sell foam fingers printed with the logo of the school team on them as fundraisers for their sports programs.  Other sports teams and leagues of all levels will often do the same thing, as anyone who's ever been to an NFL, NBA, or Major League Baseball game has definitely seen.  Non-sports-related companies also often find that they can connect with customers by getting involved in their favorite sports, and logo imprinted foam fingers and foam hands are one of the best promotional items for this.

Promotional foam fingers and foam hands are the perfect way to help sports fans show their support for their favorite teams.  Whether they're imprinted with the logo of a team, a league, or a business, tons of sports fans will invariably see it and while they're having a great time, too.


custom foam fingers  

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