Custom Carabiners




With their diverse capacity to connect small items, promotional carabiners are the perfect item to highlight your company brand. They can be given away at parties, trade shows, company events and more.  They are a fine way of showing your corporate identity .  Find other carabiners or promotional items to go with them using the search feature on this page's sidebar or at the top of the page-- We have nearly 1,000,000 items to choose from!


Printed Carabiners - w/ Key Ring (8 mm)
As low as: $0.73

As low as: $0.98

Solar Flashlight with Carabiners Hook
As low as: $1.35

Aluminum Carabiners with Keyring
As low as: $0.29

Carabiners Emergency Tool Set
As low as: $17.76

Silicone Folding Dog Pet Bowl with Carabiners hook
As low as: $1.91

Aluminum Carabiners (Priority)(2 1/3" x 1 1/4")
As low as: $0.74

Carabiners (Priority)
As low as: $0.91

Carabiners w/key ring
As low as: $0.11

Carabiners w/Key Ring
As low as: $0.24

Standard Laser Engraved Carabiners
As low as: $0.80

FM Scan Radio Carabiners
As low as: $2.43

3 1/8" Aluminum Carabiners w/ Split Ring (3 Days)
As low as: $0.62

Carabiners w/ Flashlight
As low as: $1.31

Solid Brass Carabiners Pen W/ Black Sponge Comfort Grip
As low as: $1.45


How Custom Carabiners Can Help Connect You With Customers

In many ways, the little things often have a far greater impact on our daily lives than most people realize.  If you were to count up how many times you use things like keys, buttons, and zippers on an average day, it would become obvious just how true this is.  Small, practical items such as these often make the best promotional items, simply because of how often they are seen and used.  Promotional carabiners are one of the best examples of this type of promotional item, for several reasons.

Carabiners are small and fairly simple, making them fairly easy to produce, and therefore fairly inexpensive.  However, despite the small size, the edge of an average carabiner provides the perfect space for the name of a company or another message to be printed on it.  Logo imprinted carabiners come in a number of different forms, including ordinary multipurpose carabiners, logo imprinted carabiner key chains, carabiner flashlights, and many others.  They're specifically intended to hook onto things like belts and bags, making them highly portable.

People put custom carabiners to a huge number of different uses.  Many people use carabiner keychains to keep their keys hooked to a belt or a bag to prevent them from getting lost.  Carabiner compasses and flashlights are especially popular with outdoor enthusiasts, since they provide essential tools in a way that makes them easier to carry around.  Any type of business can make good use of custom carabiners as part of a promotional campaign, but they work especially well for those businesses that have a large base of active customers, who have the most need for a way to keep their things from falling off or getting lost while they're doing sports or other activities.

Promotional carabiners are one of the most versatile promotional items on the market today.  They're one of the few promotional products that people are likely to end up carrying with them wherever they go, giving your company tons of exposure in the process.


custom carabiners  

Carabiner Keychains:


Standard Laser Engraved Carabiners
As low as: $0.80

Laser Engraved Carabiners (3 Day Service)
As low as: $0.91

Laser Engraved Carabiners w/ Split Ring (Next Day Service)
As low as: $1.04

Ivy Stylus w/Carabiners Clip
As low as: $1.77