Creating a unique, memorable experience is the heart of a successfully branded cruise line.  People go on a cruise expecting to have fun and create memories they can treasure even well after the trip is over.  Promotional products are one of the most important parts of creating that kind of unique experience, whether it's in the hospitality items like logo imprinted soap or napkins, or in souvenirs like key chains, photo frames, or snow globes.  JH Studios has an incredible selection of promotional products perfect for cruise line branding, including more than one million total products for you to customize with your company logo.   You can use our advanced search to find these and other items!

Our collection includes both the items needed for branding the general cruise experience as well as special items that can be given or sold to guests as souvenirs.  We have an extensive variety of items used to make guests comfortable during their stay, such as promotional soap, towels, and other toiletries, as well as items used during meal services, such as promotional napkins, coasters, and tablecloths.  Our selection of promotional apparel includes a huge number of uniform items commonly used by cruise line employees, such as polo shirts, aprons, jackets and vests.  We also have plenty of souvenir items like mugs and fanny packs, as well as a fair number of boat-shaped items like key chains and stress relievers. (continued below)

Promotional items are very commonly used in all aspects of the cruise experience.  Many cruise lines provide guests with simple promotional gifts upon signing up for a cruise, while others even use them to draw potential guests in to learn about what they could experience on a cruise vacation.  Every cruise line uses a huge number of promotional products throughout each cruise ship, including both in rooms and on employees..

If you want your cruise line to leave a permanent impression on guests' minds, they'll need to be exposed to your logo consistently throughout the trip.  Fortunately, JH Studios has all the promotional products you could possibly need to create that exposure right here on our website.


Cruise Ship Marketing Items