Real Estate Professionals, Insurance Brokers, Heath Clubs, Dance Studios, Advertising Agencies or any business that might want to conveniently display brochures will do well to have a quality brochure holder. You can put your personal branding on them. They can be used at tradeshows, or in your office or strategically placed in restaurants. They are the sensible way of displaying your corporate identity or message while distributing your brochures.

Brochure Holders

Clear Trifold Brochure Holder (4 1/4"x7 1/4")
As low as: $1.19

Single pocket counter top brochure holder fits 4"x 9" materials
As low as: $1.29

Brochure Holder fits bi-fold literature 5 1/2''w
As low as: $1.58

Clear Countertop Brochure Holder (4 1/4"x9"x1 1/2" Insert)
As low as: $5.82

White Take One Holder (4"x9"x1 1/2")
As low as: $1.28

5.5"x8.5" Clear Pamphlet Holder
As low as: $3.25

3 Panel Rack Brochure (8 1/2" x 11")
As low as: $0.12

Acrylic Frame w/Pocket (4.25")
As low as: $5.70

Standard Vinyl Notepad Folder w/Boomerang Pocket & Ruled Pad (11" x 8-1/2" Sheet Size)
As low as: $2.85

10"x15" 14# Open End Tyvek® GDB P&S Envelope
As low as: $0.37

Single pocket counter top brochure holder w/cardholder
As low as: $2.13

Tri-Fold Holder with Business Card Pocket (4 1/4"x7 1/4")
As low as: $2.11

Counter/Wall Brochure Holder (4 1/4"x7 3/4")
As low as: $1.85

10.1" Video Brochure / Mailer With Full Color Offset Printing
As low as: $54.47

Acrylic Bottom Loading Frame w/Tri-Fold Pocket (4")
As low as: $6.79

Brochure Holders

Separate Your Brochures from the Chaff with a Professional Display

Educating people about what your company does is the essential purpose of brochures. You should always have brochures on hand at your place of business, and you should never attend any tradeshow without brochures to give to the interested people who visit your booth. However, attempting to distribute brochures without a proper way to display them can be almost as bad as going without brochures at all. To ensure a professional look to your business or your booth, you need custom brochure holders to present your brochures to customers and keep them in pristine condition while they're waiting to be given away.

The only real alternative to this is to simply have stacks of brochures lying all over the table. This not only makes it easy for your brochures to be knocked all over the table or even onto the floor, but also makes it difficult for people who aren't directly in front of the brochures to see them and pick them up. Brochure holders can either stand in place on the table or be affixed to the wall, keeping the brochures neat and clean while making it obvious to people that they're there to be picked up.

Promotional brochure holders exist in a few different forms. The first form consists of plain clear acrylic brochure stands, either upright or slanted slightly backwards. As they're simply clear in color apart from the logo, they can easily be paired with any type of printed material. The material is fairly durable, and they can last a long time. The other major type consists of paper brochure holders. Paper brochure stands are often collapsible, making them easier to transport, and they can have a good amount of other information printed directly on them.

Having custom brochure holders for your brochures can make communicating with customers go much more smoothly. Those who visit your business or tradeshow booth won't be afraid to grab a brochure for more information, and they'll be able to do it even if all of your people are busy with other customers at that particular moment. If you'd like to ensure that your brochures are both attractive and easily accessible to customers, then you should be sure to grab a few brochure holders to keep them in. You won't regret it.

personalized brochure holders  

Heavy Duty Brochure Holders:

Wood Brochure Holders

Oak Wood Floor Poster Stand with 5-Pocket Brochure Holder (2 Sided)
As low as: $404.20

Golden Oak Floor Standing Wood Poster Holder w/5 Brochure Pockets
As low as: $550.40

Wood Brochure Holders