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Custom Microfiber Screen Cleaning Pads

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Imagine a promotional marketing tool which has the capacity to capture your potential customers' attention with its practical every day use while granting you the impact you hope to make.

The MicroClean Smartphone Screen Cleaners are a fully customizable LCD screen cleaning promotional tool that adheres to a mobile phone and proudly displays your company's brand. Cleaning LCD screens in just a few seconds, MicroClean Smartphone Screen Cleaners remove the grime, dust and fingerprints and are easily replaced where they adhere on the cell phone.

MicroClean Smartphone Screen Cleaners have built momentum as they've become an indispensable tool for screen cleaning that your customer will use daily. They will often share them with their friends, further broadening the scope of your promotional marketing campaign. This functional cleaning tool will cause your potential customers to gravitate to your company's branding on the MicroClean Smartphone Screen Cleaners with its attractive and smart presentation, taking your promotional marketing to new heights.

Your company's promotional information will get mass exposure with the MicroClean Smartphone Screen Cleaners with their accessibility for daily use and public visibility. They are so convenient to use and thereby will be seen all the more!

So visible in public places, these MicroClean Smartphone Screen Cleaners are truly innovative products for everyday use and are the customizable advertising tools that are constantly in the face of potential customers making an impact with your company's message.

Economical and user-friendly, yet taking their place among the more chic promotional products, the MicroClean Smartphone Screen Cleaners make your company's public image more recognizable in the marketplace while being a daily asset to your potential customers with their practical cleaning feature and the classy way they swag on a cell phone when not in use.

MicroClean Smartphone Screen Cleaner are really the luck of the draw- when your customers get these in hand, logo imprinted with your company information, they will both use them regularly and at the same time pleasantly share your company's marketing information to everyone around them.

The MicroClean Smartphone Screen Cleaner stick to the back of the cell phone by the quality gel-back that can be used repeatedly. The gel-back will not leave residue, nor will the microfiber cleaning material harm the phone's LCD screen.

Your potential customers will see your company message conveniently and vividly on display on the cell phone with MicroClean Smartphone Screen Cleaners, giving your promotional advertising message ample time to attract them in your direction where you can then provide your service or make your sale. With MicroClean Smartphone Screen Cleaners as your promotional marketing tool, you'll get the additional time needed to really make an impact on your potential customers.

    Product Highlights:
  • Customized with your contact information.
  • Eradicates dust and other residue with a few swipes.
  • Microfiber material will not mar surfaces.
  • Adhesive is effective for use again and again.
  • Washable for long term use.
  • To revive stickiness, wipe off gel with damp rag.

Stock or Custom Card Backers

MicroClean Cell Phone Screen Cleaners standard packaging includes a two inches by three-and-a-half inches card backer compactly enclosed in small clear cellophane bags. Otherwise, you can have the card backers branded with your custom logo or design, or if you want, we can do the design for you.

Card Backer FRONT is printed in FULL COLOR and the BACK is printed in BLACK AND WHITE.

Custom Backer Card Price Chart:

 Pad Size:50010002500500010000
 Size A  1.06" x 1.06"$1.13$1.03$0.94$0.85$0.75
 Size B  1.3" x 0.8"$1.13$1.03$0.94$0.85$0.75
 Size C  1.3" x 1.3"$1.32$1.22$1.13$1.03$0.94
 Size D  1.6" x 1.2"$1.32$1.22$1.13$1.03$0.94
 Size E  1.6" x 2.4"$1.50$1.41$1.32$1.22$1.13
NOTE: The above sale prices are 6% off list price and do not include setup fees or other additional options. Any coupons, if applicable, will be applied to list price, not sale price.
Production Time is 10 working days.
 In Hands Date:   
Artwork for MicroCleans
 Artwork Design:   
 How Many Colors in your art?   
Standard or Custom Card Backer
 Card Backer:   
 Quantity unknown
 Price per piece unknown
 Art Colors unknown
 Setup(s) unknown
 Design Fee unknown
 Custom Card Setup unknown
 Addtl. Per Card unknown
 Card Art Fee unknown
 Estimated Shipping unknown
 Sub-Total:  Not enough Data to Calculate.
We accept international orders.
Card Backer Pricing (Custom Design)
 Card Size:50010002500500010000
 A: 2" x 3.5"$0.35$0.25$0.22$0.18$0.15
 B: 3" x 5"$0.45$0.35$0.25$0.22$0.18
NOTE:Pricing above does not include setup or artwork design charges.
Custom Card Setup: $80 Run Charge for Back is an additional 5 each.
Design Service: Size A: $45 per side, Size B: $65 per side.

If you want a different sized card backer or a different thickness of card, please let us know. We would be glad to help.