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Courier companies need a good messenger bag when transporting documents and other items needing to be kept secure, clean and organized.  A well designed messenger bag is also great for everyday use and for promotions.  Made especially with your company's information and logo in mind, messenger bags are becoming increasingly popular in many sectors.  They are a great way of identifying your corporate identity while keeping what's being carried secure and out of harm's way.  If you're looking for other items, please use the search feature on this page to find more-- We have thousands of promotional items, along with other bags, uniforms and industry specific items to choose from!

Messenger Bags

Business Messenger Bag
As low as: $6.45

Bolt Urban Messenger Bag
As low as: $6.35

Venice - 13" Laptop Sleeve
As low as: $9.46

High Line Messenger Bag
As low as: $10.75

eGreen Conference Brief Bag
As low as: $4.30

Zephyr Messenger Bag
As low as: $1.96

Premium Laptop Brief
As low as: $6.45

Nomad Must Haves Messenger
As low as: $23.22

Messenger Bag With Matching Striped Handle
As low as: $7.74

Madison Messenger Bag
As low as: $21.50

Focus Computer Messenger Bag Black
As low as: $12.42

As low as: $42.92

SoMa Messenger
As low as: $44.44

Multi-Pocket Messenger Shoulder Tote Bag
As low as: $3.37

Wave Non-Woven Briefcase/Messenger Bag
As low as: $4.30

Messenger Bags

Personalized Messenger Bags for  Business and Promotional Branding

One challenging thing about modern life is the large amount of stuff most of us need to carry with us wherever we go.  Most of us have laptops, tablets, books, paperwork, or other things that need to come with us to work or school, and that naturally requires a bag.  Courier bags are both practical and stylish, which is how they've managed to gain such strong popularity well beyond the couriers they were originally intended for.  These days, just about anyone can find a use for a nice courier bag, making promotional courier bags one of the strongest promotional products companies are currently using today.

The proliferation of courier bags in the last several years has ensured that there's a huge variety of different styles available, and logo imprinted courier bags take full advantage of this.  Logo imprinted messenger bags are made from a good number of different materials, from low-cost ones made from materials like polyester or vinyl to ones made from cotton or microfiber and even to high quality ones made from leather.  The logo can be printed on the bag a number of different ways as well, including both screen printing and embroidery.

Businesses in any number of diverse fields include custom courier bags in their promotional item arsenals.  Courier companies were naturally the first, using such bags to identify their couriers to customers.  As the bags started to become popular with students and businesspeople as well, many other types of companies began providing their employees with promotional messenger bags for much the same reason.  Courier bags are also usually well-appreciated as gifts, and students in particular are very likely to carry them around on regular basis if they receive them.

Whether carried by customers or employees of your company, promotional courier bags are a great form of advertisement for your company.  Those you give them to will see your company logo every time they use it to carry their things, while also showing it off to the world at large at the same time.


logo messenger bags  


Leather Courier

Epic Computer Courier Bag
As low as: $11.66

Tyrone Cigar Holder - 6" Stainless Steel
As low as: $17.20

Courier Journal w/Flap-tie
As low as: $34.52

Coach Courier Crossbody - Light Gold/Black
As low as: $124.70

Tyrone Tube Flask - 2oz Stainless Steel
As low as: $22.79

Leather Courier