Cocktail Lounges and Bars. Night Clubs. Mardi Gras Parade Celebrations.  In fact, individuals always love a customized shot glass.  They can be given away personalized with your logo and message, whatever you want to show.  They are an excellent way of displaying your corporate identity in drinking establishments and other fun party venues.  Can't find the exact one you're looking for on this page? Use the search feature available in our sidebar find more-- We have many to choose from, and many other promotional products besides!


Chill Lights LED Cool Shot Glasses
As low as: $1.72

Clear Plastic Shot Glasses 1.5 oz.
As low as: $0.45

Colored Plastic Shot Glasses 1.5 oz.
As low as: $0.92

1.5 oz. UV Reactive Blue Glow Shot Glasses
As low as: $0.63

Colored Shot Glasses 2 oz.
As low as: $0.75

1 Oz. Mug Shaped Mini Shot Glasses
As low as: $0.49

1 Oz. Dazzle Neon Plastic Shot Glasses
As low as: $0.60

3.825" x 5.75" - Leatherette Flask and Shot Glasses - Laser Engraved
As low as: $10.91

Square Shot Glasses (2 Oz.)
As low as: $6.02

2 Oz. Clear Shot Glasses
As low as: $1.19

Full Color Custom Label Shot Glasses
As low as: $5.59

Chill Lights LED Cool Shot Glasses
As low as: $2.21

1.5 oz. UV Reactive Yellow Glow Shot Glasses
As low as: $0.63

PSI Test Tube Shot Glasses
As low as: $4.20

Neon Shot Glasses
As low as: $1.94


Show the Casual Side of Your Business with Shot Glasses

One thing that customers of all sorts of different stripes often have in common is a love of drinking.  Drinking is a social activity, and it can often help to bring people together.  Knowing this, many companies wisely decide to include alcohol or alcohol-related products in their efforts to make connections with customers.  Promotional shot glasses do this very well, and they're customizable enough to suit any possible business that might want to use them.

The options begin with the size and shape of the glasses themselves. Logo imprinted shot glasses are typically between 1.5 oz. and 3 oz., but it is possible to find tiny glasses of less than 1 oz. size as well.  Glasses can be straight, tapered, or fully flared, to fit whatever image you'd like to project.  There are even shot glasses shaped like miniature beer glasses.  In addition to these basic options, custom shot glasses also naturally have a custom logo printed on them as well.  The logo can be anything from a simple outline to a small full color image, depending on what you'd like your customers to see.

Logo imprinted shot glasses have a fairly broad appeal among adults, and the only businesses that really shouldn't consider them are those targeting children or adults under the age of 21.  For everyone else, however, shot glasses are a perfect way to give customers a good time while ensuring that they're thinking of your company while they have it.  They can make very good individual gifts or trade show giveaways, but they're especially useful for businesses holding events or informal meetings with customers that include alcohol.  Using ordinary shot glasses instead of custom printed ones is simply a waste of a perfectly good branding opportunity.

Whether given away or used at an event, promotional shot glasses are one of the best possible ways to connect with customers.  If you want existing or potential customers to see your company logo when they're at their most open, a nicely printed shot glass will definitely do the job.


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21st Birthday Party Beads w/ Badge & Shot Glasses
As low as: $3.22