Do you work for a theater?  Are you looking for promotional items you can use to market your events and performances and generate more income for your organization?  JH Studios has everything you've been looking for.  With a selection of over one million custom printed promotional products ranging from promotional apparel to drinkware to electronics, we can provide you with any of the products you need to reward your donors, stock your gift shop, or get additional advertisement for your performances.

Our product selection covers every type of item you could want to customize for your performing arts center or theatre, including the items most sought after by donors and visitors.  Promotional tote bags, water bottles, and travel mugs are very popular items for rewarding donors, and you'll encounter an extensive variety of possible options here on our site.  We also carry a wide selection of promotional apparel popular with gift shop customers, such as promotional baseball caps, hoodies, and wristbands, as well as promotional accessories like umbrellas, lanyards, and wallets.  If you'd like to appeal to smart phone users, we carry a huge range of promotional cell phone accessories like promotional styluses, cell phone card holders, and cell phone cases.

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Promotional products and souvenirs are one of the most consistently effective ways theaters raise money, and they do a very good job of maintaining good relationships with donors.  Regularly changing up the particular set of promotional items donors receive is a good way to keep them interested, and doing the same thing for gift shop items will help to encourage repeat visitors to buy more items.  Having promotional products for specific events or performances is also a fantastic way to get more people interested in seeing them.

If you'd like people in your area to keep donating money, buying tickets, and purchasing
souvenirs, you're going to need a steady stream of promotional products to encourage them to do so.  Fortunately, JH Studios has greater than a million incredible products you can use to keep them interested.

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