Promotional USB Flash Drives



Custom Printed with Your Logo & Contact Information

Give your customers a promotional item that's not only useful but one that they'll be able to use for a long time.  Promotional USB flash drives are a very useful promotional product that your customers will appreciate because they can always have the data that they need close at hand or on their key chain-- All while displaying your company logo and contact information.  These thumb drives come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and colors-- some very cool and very funny novelty versions as well.  Below are some examples of drives that we offer.  We literally have thousands to choose from so if you don't see what you're looking for on this page, please use the search feature to the right to narrow your search!

Usb Thumb Drive

4 GB Swivel 700 Series
As low as: $3.23

8 GB Swivel 700 Series
As low as: $3.77

High Speed USB 2.0 Swivel Twister Flash Drive (128MB)
As low as: $1.71

1 GB USB Swivel 700 Series
As low as: $3.09

2 GB Swivel 700 Series
As low as: $3.13

Swivel USB Drive in a Wide Variety of Colors - USB 3.0 - 32 GB
As low as: $7.37

High Speed USB 2.0 Swivel Twister Flash Drive (4GB)
As low as: $2.88

4 GB Credit Card USB Drive
As low as: $5.24

Classic Swivel Flash Drive (1 GB - 32 GB)
As low as: $2.66

High Speed USB 2.0 Swivel Twister Flash Drive (8GB)
As low as: $3.09

Equality 2GB Swivel Flash Drive
As low as: $2.99

Tres-Chic Stylus Pen & 8 GB Flash Drive Gift Set
As low as: $12.90

High Speed USB 2.0 Swivel Twister Flash Drive (32MB WebKey)
As low as: $1.53

4GB USB Memory Metal Pen
As low as: $12.90

8 GB Pen Drive 500 Series
As low as: $4.26

Usb Thumb Drive

Using Promotional USB Flash Drives to Market Your Business

For decades, businesses have handed out pens and notepads with their logos printed on them, understanding the sound principle of providing a valuable tool to the customer while ensuring that they'll think of the business every time they use it. However, as people move towards using computers for more and more of their daily activities, many businesses are finding promotional USB flash drives to be even more effective than the standard pen and paper choice of the past. There are a few reasons why this is the case.

The most basic one is that while people do still use pens and notepads here and there, most data nowadays is kept in digital form, typically on a flash drive. This means that most people not only use their flash drives repeatedly throughout the day, but also often carry them around for convenient access to their data. Keychain flash drives are popular for just this reason. If you give customers logo imprinted flash drives, they'll often end up seeing the logo of your business not only when they use it, but also every time they use their keys or take something else out of their pockets.

Promotional USB thumb drives also have the advantage of being more inherently valuable than pens or notepads. Pens eventually run out of ink and notepads run out of paper. This means that not only are they inevitably destined to be thrown away however useful the customer finds them, but also that many people will often see even a brand-new ballpoint pen or small notepad as somewhat disposable. On the other hand, no one thinks of a flash drive as disposable, and a person who receives one will generally treat it with a certain amount of care just because of the type of item it is. USB flash drives are typically used indefinitely by the people who own them, only thrown away in the rare event that they break entirely.

Overall, promotional USB flash drives are one of the best promotional items on the market today. They're useful, valued, and commonly carried around in everyday life. Any business looking for promotional opportunities should seriously consider using them.


USB Flash Drives


Fun Usb Flash Drives

8 GB Metal USB Drive 1600
As low as: $5.05

16 GB PVC Delivery Van USB Drive
As low as: $8.78

Inexpensive Paper USB Drive with Small Capacities and Full Color Offset Printing-2MB
As low as: $1.84

Rubik's Cube USB Flash Drive (1 GB)
As low as: $5.15

8 GB Card USB Drive 500 3.0
As low as: $7.52

1 GB Metal USB Drive 1400
As low as: $4.17

8 GB, Key USB Drive 3.0
As low as: $14.39

Rubik's Cube USB Flash Drive (64 GB)
As low as: $9.55

16 GB Metal 100 Series Hard Drive
As low as: $5.17

4 GB PVC Coffee Cup USB Drive
As low as: $7.39

8 GB PVC Tooth USB Drive
As low as: $7.22

USB-Hockey Stick - 1 GB
As low as: $5.15

Jigsaw Puzzle Card Drive -512MB
As low as: $4.10

Jensen Portable Bluetooth Tailgate/Trolley Speaker
As low as: $153.94

Luminaid Solar Lantern PackLite Spectra USB
As low as: $14.34

Fun Usb Flash Drives