Rulers are very useful tools that no desk should be without.  We have hundreds of rulers to choose from and couldn't fit them all on this page so be sure to use the search box to the right if you don't see the 12 inch ruler you're looking for!

Plastic Rulers

12" Leading Edge™ Ruler
As low as: $0.70

Pro-Scale 12" Plastic Ruler
As low as: $0.81

6" Plastic Ruler
As low as: $0.44

School Supply Case
As low as: $1.49

Stylus-233 Ballpoint Pen, Ruler, Screwdriver & Level Tool
As low as: $1.21

18" Flexible Poly Ruler
As low as: $1.07

Ideal 6" Pocket Ruler
As low as: $0.42

Bookmark Magnifier
As low as: $0.68

6-in-1 Omega Pen
As low as: $1.95

Promo Multi Functional Engineer Tool Pen
As low as: $0.59

7" Ruler
As low as: $0.81

60MM/6" Double Scale Vernier Caliper
As low as: $0.77

12" Ruler
As low as: $0.69

Triangular Architectural Ruler / High Impact Styrene (6")
As low as: $7.05

Magnifier Bookmark w/ Metric Ruler
As low as: $0.73

Plastic Rulers


The world of promotional items is huge and full of options. There are any number of different complicated items to choose from, any of which can be effective in the right situation. However, sometimes it's better to simply go back to the basics. Promotional rulers are a simple, cost-effective marketing product that can be customized to suit any type of customer.

Rulers perform two very important functions that can't easily be filled by any other type of office supply: acting as a straight edge and measuring small distances accurately. There are a variety of different logo imprinted rulers, any of which is guaranteed to fulfill these functions. They can be found in many different materials, including classic wood, metal, stiff plastic, or flexible plastic. Promotional rulers can be produced in any color imaginable, and the plastic ones can be either opaque or transparent. There are also a few different length options, allowing you to choose between standard 8" or 12" rulers, or go for the more portable 6" ruler.

Logo imprinted rulers can also be combined with other uses to make them even more beneficial to the recipient. Magnifying rulers are especially popular with those who have trouble reading small text, while rulers with calculators built in are good for those who need to do a bit of occasional calculating. Both of these are great ways to increase the amount of time most recipients will spend with the product, therefore the number of times that they'll see the logo of your company.
While rulers are used in every office, they aren't used exclusively in offices. Students need rulers just as much as office workers do, and rulers are a standard item on most back-to-school supply lists. Logo imprinted rulers can be given to students either alone or with other types of school supplies. This works especially well in the period just before students return to school in the fall.

No matter when you choose to give them, promotional rulers will be welcome in any school or office. Whether used alone or combined with other promotional items, they're an excellent choice for any company.


promotional rulers  


Wood Rulers

12" Natural Finish Ruler - Free FedEx Ground Shipping
As low as: $0.28

12" Natural Finish Flat Wood Ruler (Spot Color)
As low as: $0.33

Double Bevel Architectural Ruler / A Scale Group (6")
As low as: $3.08

12" Natural Finish Flat Wood Ruler (Spot Color)
As low as: $0.29

Natural Yardstick
As low as: $0.60

6" Natural Finish Ruler
As low as: $0.18

1/4" Thick Clear Lacquered Yardstick
As low as: $1.31

Light Natural Wood Yardstick
As low as: $1.53

12" Enamel Wood Ruler (Spot Color)
As low as: $0.43

12" Natural Finish Flat Wooden Ruler (Spot Color)
As low as: $0.33

12" Natural Basswood Ruler
As low as: $0.17

6 Inch Natural Finish Wood Ruler
As low as: $0.34

6" Natural Finish Flat Wooden Ruler (Spot Color)
As low as: $0.20

4 Bevel Architectural Ruler with Clear Vinyl Case (6")
As low as: $4.65

Colorful Enameled Basswood Ruler
As low as: $0.30

Wood Rulers