Does your business provide pet care services?  Would you like pet owners to seek out your company when they need help caring for their pets in your doggie daycare or kennel?  Promotional products can make that goal a reality.  People respond far more to a promotional leash or pet food bowls than they would to a flyer or ad, and items people actually use have far more opportunities to expose them to the name and purpose of your business.  JH Studios has an incredible selection of over one million logo imprinted items located here on our website, including a whole slew of promotional pet products that can reach directly into the heart of any pet owner.
Nearly any item used to care for pets can be turned into a promotional product for your company, and you'll come across an amazing variety of promotional leashes, collars and leashes, food bowls, and water bowls here at JHStudios.com.  We also carry a huge number of promotional pet toys and dog treats, making it easy to win over the pet along with its owner.  On the employee side of things, we maintain a large stock of promotional clothing and accessories, making it easy to outfit your workers with items like logo imprinted shirts, baseball caps, and lanyards.  (continued below)

One of the most important parts of marketing a pet care business is getting local pet owners familiar enough with your business to trust you with their pets.  Promotional gifts are a simple, yet powerful way to build that familiarity, and having your own employees use promotional items while they work is another strong way to do it.  Every bit of exposure to your logo increases a pet owner's sense that you are an established, professional pet care company.

If you'd like pet owners to choose your company to care for their pets, promotional items are the best thing you can use to convince them.  Whether you're seeking promotional pet care items, promotional clothing, or another sort of item altogether, you can get it right here at JH Studios.

Article by Mirtha Holland

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