Does your company provide merchant services?  Would you like more businesses to come to you when they need those services?  You need promotional items!  A physical item like a promotional coin holder or logo imprinted stress relievers will do far more to build a connection with a business owner than a simple ad or business card, and promotional items like these have far more time to expose recipients to your company logo.  JH Studios has a practically limitless supply of products here on our website, so no matter what type of businesses you're targeting with your campaign, you're sure to find just the special items you need to win them over.

Items that relate to money make great promotional products for a merchant services company, and you'll run across plenty of them here on our website.  In addition to promotional coin holders and coin purses, we also carry a fantastic variety of promotional piggy banks, wallets, and cell phone wallets, including the currently popular cell phone credit card holders that attach right to the back of any smart phone.  We also have a good assortment of other promotional office supplies and products likely to be useful to any business owner, such as promotional pens, magnifiers, and letter openers. (continued below)

Promotional gifts are a great way to open or close a first meeting with a business owner, and they're also a great way to make a good first impression on business owners at trade shows or other events.  The gift itself shows recipients that your company is friendly and professional, while the logo printed on it will serve to refresh their memory of your company every time they happen to glance at the item.

Every company that deals with a wide range of businesses needs a good set of promotional products in its marketing toolbox.  Whether you're searching for money-related promotional products, promotional office supplies, or something in another category altogether, JH Studios is just the website to find it on.

Article by Mirtha Holland

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