Do you work as an insurance agent?  Would you like an easy way to get potential clients more interested in buying insurance from you?  Add our promotional products to your advertising arsenal!  Promotional products are ideal for getting people aware of who you are and what you have to offer them, while also ensuring that they have a good first impression of you and your company. Or show your employees our appreciation with our selections of plaques or other awards.  JH Studios has upwards of 1,000,000 unique promotional products among our custom printed product selection, including popular insurance promotional products like promotional pens, calendars, and more.

We carry tons of fantastic promotional products for promoting insurance companies generally, as well as items ideal for promoting specific types of insurance.  Items like promotional calendars, notepads, and stress relievers are available in all sorts of different shapes, including house-shaped, car-shaped, and airplane-shaped versions commonly used to promote home insurance, auto insurance, and travel insurance respectively.  We also have many items ideal for promoting health and life insurance, including heart-shaped products as well as useful health products like promotional bulk hand sanitizer.  You'll also encounter a good number of promotional office supplies like logo imprinted wholesale calculators and bulk logo printed magnifiers.     (continued below)

Many people try to avoid thinking about insurance when they can, and promotional products are a good way to combat this tendency.  Distributing promotional products to potential clients will get them thinking about your company whenever they use the item, making your insurance company the first one they consider when they choose to purchase insurance.  Promotional items can also be used to build relationships with businesses related to the type of insurance you provide, such as car dealers or real estate agents, who frequently interact with people who will soon need to think about buying new types of insurance.

Promotional products are a highly effective way to link your name or logo with quality insurance in a potential customer's mind.  Whether you're promoting health insurance, auto insurance, home owner's insurance, or another type of insurance entirely, JH Studios has a whole range of incredible products you can use to put your name out there.

Article by Mirtha Holland

Insurance Promotional Products