Good branding has always been essential for department stores, and there's no better way to create a unique, instantly recognizable brand than promotional products. With the sheer diversity of products used in the average department store, it's easy to integrate promotional products like promotional clothing, cookware, and other popular items into the everyday selection, and it has amazing benefits for the branding of the store. JH Studios has more than one million items here among our diverse collection of promotional products, so no matter what items you'd like to stock or use in your promotional campaigns, you'll discover plenty of great choices here on our website.

Our collection of logo imprinted products includes both items department stores typically have employees use within the store as well as ones usually sold or given to customers. We carry a huge range of products commonly used to brand the shopping experience, including custom shopping bags, gift wrap and boxes. We also stock a fair number of uniform products among our collection of promotional apparel, as well as name badges, badge reels, and even lanyards for employees. Our selection includes a huge number of popular Christmas and holiday products like logo imprinted gift boxes and gift sets, including a sizable collection of fruit baskets and chocolate sets that are always highly sought after at that time of year. Our cookware and other appliances are also popular department store items, and even something as simple as cutting boards or knife blocks can see a great deal of use in most households.

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Every successful department store makes good use of the promotional products available today. Promotional products like vests or badges are a large part of what makes employees instantly recognizable to the customers who might need them, while items like shopping bags turn customers into walking advertisements for the store after they leave. Other products can generate a huge amount of income in sales, while also ensuring that whoever uses them is continually reminded of where it came from.

Every department store needs to stand out in the minds of customers, and promotional products are the only consistently effective way to do it. Whether you're looking for employee uniforms, gift items, or other items you'd like to see stocked in your store, JH Studios is sure to have plenty of amazing products to choose from.

Article by John Holland

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