Customized Tote Bags




Customized tote bags are a big hit with the world becoming more environmentally conscious. We offer hundreds of different tote bags from regular non-woven to insulated tote bags custom printed with your logo and information. Not all of the bags could fit on this one page so please use the search feature to the right if you don't find the tote bag you're looking for.

Non-woven Tote Bags

Non-Woven Shopper Tote Bag
As low as: $1.29

Grocery Tote Bag W/Reinforced Base
As low as: $1.14

Atlas Non-Woven Grocery Tote Bag
As low as: $1.10

Big Thunder
As low as: $1.41

Non-Woven Budget Shopper Tote Bag
As low as: $0.96

Portrait Recycle Shopping Bag
As low as: $0.83

As low as: $3.00

Non Woven Grocery Tote Bag
As low as: $0.88

Non Woven Grocery Bag w/ Full Gusset - 1 Color (12 1/2"x13 1/2"x8 1/2")
As low as: $1.17

Bags - Non-Woven (20"W x 13"H x 8"D) Shopping Tote Bags
As low as: $0.85

Recession Buster Non-Woven Grocery Tote Bag w/Insert (12"x8"x13") - Screen Print
As low as: $1.19

GoodValue® Grocery Tote Bag
As low as: $1.27

YaYa Budget Non-Woven Shopper Tote
As low as: $0.88

Non-Woven Value Tote Bag
As low as: $0.84

Super Saver Grocery Tote Bag
As low as: $1.19

Non-woven Tote Bags


Whether it's due to concerns about the environment or just a general desire to be practical, more and more people are using reusable shopping bags these days. People who don't have them are buying them to use for their groceries, and most people would not only welcome a tote bag as a small gift, but likely use it as well. This in and of itself would be enough to put promotional tote bags fairly high on the list of promotional products, but they actually have a few other features working for them as well.

The first is the large print area of the bag. Most promotional products only have a fairly small area available for printing, allowing for a small logo printed on the side of a pen or at the top of a notepad. This can be very effective, but it does limit the size of the message. Tote bags, on the other hand, allow plenty of space for slogans or eye-catching artwork. A larger amount of information about the business can be put on the side of a tote bag without becoming cramped or difficult to read.

This becomes very important when you consider the other advantage of promotional tote bags – the fact that they're typically used in public around large numbers of people. A tote bag effectively becomes a miniature billboard every time it's used. Any promotional product will expose the recipient to the logo of a business repeatedly, but reusable shopping bags show that same logo to many other people at the same time. When combined with the large print space, this makes tote bags an extremely powerful advertising tool.

Overall, promotional tote bags are one of the promotional gifts that people welcome the most. They're very likely to be used, and in the process, they generate tons of free advertising for the business distributing them. They make a great addition to any marketing strategy.
customized tote bags  


Insulated Tote Bags

Non-Woven Insulated Shopper Tote Bag
As low as: $2.55

Insulated Large Non-Woven Grocery Tote Bag
As low as: $2.64

Therm-O Super Tote
As low as: $3.44

Hercules Insulated Grocery Tote
As low as: $2.55

Cargo Organizer w/Cooler Bag
As low as: $8.58

Porter Insulated Cooler Tote Bag
As low as: $7.48

Two-Tone Flat Top Insulated Non-Woven Grocery Tote Bag
As low as: $2.46

Insulated Polytex Tote W/Zipper
As low as: $2.64

Insulated Cooler Tote Bag
As low as: $3.78

Venture Collapsible Cooler Bag
As low as: $12.76

Matte Laminated Island Kooler Bag
As low as: $2.64

Insulated Non Woven Grocery Tote Bag - 1 Color (13"x15"x9")
As low as: $2.57

Coastal Cotton Insulated Tote Blue-Natural
As low as: $14.95

Santa Ana Insulated Snack Tote
As low as: $2.18

Therm-O Super Tote
As low as: $4.14

Insulated Tote Bags