Personalized Shaker Bottles




Shaker bottles are all the rage right now so it only makes sense to have your logo printed on them and use them as promotional products to promote your business.    Whichever shaker bottle you choose to display your business logo you can rest assure that your brand will be seen and appreciated by the recipients.  You can also use these shaker bottles as retail items if you are in the fitness industry or own health food supplement store!

Protein Shaker Bottle

27 oz USA Made Protein Sport Shaker Bottle
As low as: $5.16

24 oz Endurance Tumbler with Shaker Screen
As low as: $2.58

Digital Flair Shaker with Snap Lid
As low as: $5.16

Clean Sip 25 oz. Tritan Water Bottle
As low as: $5.16

20 Oz. Stainless Steel Protein Shaker Vacuum Water Bottle
As low as: $5.96

Athletic 4-Piece Fitness Gift Set
As low as: $11.61

20 Oz. Protein Shaker Bottle
As low as: $2.22

13 OZ Blender Bottle
As low as: $2.04

Protein Shaker Bottle

Marketing Your Business with Protein Shaker Bottles

The average person is more concerned about personal health than ever before. Combine these concerns with the highly stressful and time-crunched modern lifestyle, and you'll end up with the need for a quick and efficient way to prepare a healthy meal while on the go. Many people are turning to things like protein shakes, smoothies, and powdered meal replacements to meet their needs. To do this, they need a way to mix shakes no matter where they are. Promotional shaker bottles are one way for businesses to use this need to their advantage.

Shaker bottles are a type of bottle that's been specifically designed for mixing these kinds of shakes quickly and easily. Logo imprinted shaker bottles are usually made of stainless steel or strong plastic, both to make them durable and in many cases to help keep the shake inside of the bottle either hot or cold. They also often have wider mouths then ordinary bottles or drink containers in order to accommodate a thicker liquid coming out of the bottle. Any business can create protein shake bottles and give or sell them to customers, but they're especially good for businesses that are directly related to health issues, such as gyms or health food stores.

While shaker bottles are mainly intended to be used with protein shakes, they can also be used as an easy way of mixing other things as well. Salad dressing and pancake mix are popular choices. Many shaker bottles have features like measuring lines and strainers at the top of the bottle to make mixing easier. There are also protein mixer bottles, which have a little ball inside the bottle to help mix the ingredients more thoroughly.

Promotional shaker bottles are amazing for exposing health-conscious customers to the logo of a business whenever they eat or drink. Any business whose customers care about their own health will have great results using them in their promotions.