Customized pencils come in a variety of styles and colors and we have them all.  Some of our pencils are scented like fruit and we even have mood pencils that change colors as you hold them. We can only fit so many of them on this little page so be sure to use the search box to the right if you don't find what you're looking for here.  We're sure to have the right pencil for your marketing or school event!



Like their sister product, pens, customized promotional pencils have always had a key place in marketing. Everyone needs something to write with at one time or another, and having that something be a logo imprinted item can do wonders for any business or organization. However, pens and pencils aren't quite the same, and in many cases, pencils have the advantage in terms of effectiveness.

For instance, pencils can be used by more people than pens can. Even those who normally use pens can use a pencil for scribbling down a list or phone number. However, people like children, students, and others who need to ensure that what they write is erasable will have a far greater use for pencils. Children in particular don't generally use pens at school, but they can always use pencils. Parents won't usually mind if their children are given logo imprinted pencils the way they might mind other items, like candy. Some may even appreciate the contribution to that year's school supplies, especially if combined with things like promotional notebooks.

Many schools use this to their advantage and either sell or give away pencils with the school logo printed on them. Some teachers use customized pencils as prizes for their students for things like doing well on tests or consistently turning in their homework on time. Other organizations and businesses that relate to children often also use pencils for similar reasons. Doctors and dentists who don't want to give unhealthy candy to their child patients often choose to give promotional pencils with cool designs on them instead.

While children are a great market for promotional pencils, they're by no means the only one. Adults can use a good pencil just as much as children can, and while different designs will appeal to them than would appeal to children, they do still appreciate having something interesting printed on their pencils. Fortunately, promotional pencils are highly customizable, often far more so than pens, and it isn't difficult to find versions that appeal to adults or children.

Promotional pencils are an especially good gift for children, and they can be given to adults as well. They'll fit into the marketing strategy of any school, business, or organization.


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