Auto Clubs, Road Travel Organizations, Camping Association, Yacht Clubs and those in the Racing and Stock Car Industries are a few businesses that might benefit from personalized tool kits.  Logo personalized custom tool kits can be given away as gifts to valued corporate customers, your logo and message reminding your customers how much you value them.  They are an excellent way of displaying your corporate identity, and a reminder of the quality you represent to your public.  Can't find what you're looking for on this page? Use the search feature in the sidebar or at the top to find more-- We have many tool kits as well as other items to choose from!
Dozens of Custom Printed Tool Kits Available:

Tool Kit Pliers

Deluxe Household Tool Set
As low as: $32.68

Deluxe Tool Set With Pliers
As low as: $11.31

Captain Tool Set
As low as: $8.78

Hardcase 40 Pc Tool Set
As low as: $17.94

129 Piece Tool Set
As low as: $24.90

22 in 1 Tool Kit
As low as: $9.80

Professional Deluxe Tool Kit
As low as: $69.54

Tire Case Tool Set
As low as: $10.49

Spectacular 27 Piece Precision Tool Set & Packaging
As low as: $18.06

53-Piece Around the House Tool Bag
As low as: $37.94

27 Piece Home Travel Tool Set W/ Aluminum Case
As low as: $37.25

24 Piece Tool Kit in a Tire Box
As low as: $9.64

13 Piece Auto Emergency Tool Kit w/ Carrying Case
As low as: $14.34

Home Tool Kit
As low as: $33.53

AA Mini MagliteĀ® Flashlight w/LeathermanĀ® Wave Tool
As low as: $116.96

Tool Kit Pliers

 How Custom Tool Kits Can Help Build Your Business

One of the best ways to keep your business in the minds of your customers is to find promotional items that have a high level of usefulness.  Promotional items like office supplies or tools are things that people use regularly, making them extremely effective when it comes to exposing customers to the logo printed on them.  However, while a single promotional product can result in some good advertising, a full set of useful promotional products will have a far greater impact on the recipient.  Promotional tool kits are one of the easiest ways to see this principle in action.

Logo imprinted tool kits combine some of the most useful promotional items into one neat, attractive package.  It's easy to find promotional hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, and tape measures separately, but only choosing one of these tools limits the number of situations in which the recipient will see the logo of your business. In addition to this, most tool kits also contain a number of other useful tools, such as hex wrenches, which aren't easily branded when taken individually. By including these small, plain tools in a logo imprinted tool kit, it's possible to create a much stronger opportunity for the recipient to see your business logo while using them.

Compact custom tool kits are extremely useful, and they're the sort of thing that any household can benefit from having on hand. Being complete sets of tools, they make very good gifts for highly valued customers or employees of many different businesses, but especially those businesses relating to hardware or construction. Many hardware stores sell promotional logo personalized tool kits with their other tools, taking advantage of the opportunity to remind customers of the business while they're doing repairs or renovation. Personalized tool kits can also be a good way to brand a construction or repair-related business, by having workers use tool kits declaring exactly who they work for while on a job.

Overall, tool kits are one of the most useful promotional products you're likely to find. Whether you give them to workers or to customers, they'll put the logo of your business in plain sight every time they're used for a repair.


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Roadside Tool Kits:

Tool Kit Roadside

Auto Safety?Kit
As low as: $19.35

Glory Auto Emergency Kit
As low as: $51.60

31 Piece Roadside Emergency Kit
As low as: $13.72

Roadside Emergency Tool Kit
As low as: $19.35

Grant Auto Emergency Kit
As low as: $37.84

30 Piece Complete Emergency Road Side Tool Kit in Case
As low as: $14.32

Inwood Auto Light & Tool Kit
As low as: $11.18

Maz Tool Set and Auto Light
As low as: $10.11

3-In-1 Emergency Tool Set
As low as: $6.02

Lumber 24 Piece Tool Set
As low as: $13.33

Hillcrest 24-Piece Tool Set
As low as: $14.62

Roadside Safety Automotive Kit (92 pieces)
As low as: $92.93

Deluxe Roadside Emergency Tool Kit
As low as: $34.38

Highway Deluxe Roadside Kit with Tools
As low as: $55.89

Custom Auto Emergency Kits
As low as: $12.59

Tool Kit Roadside