From Trade Shows and Conventions to Award Shows to Banquet Gatherings  and beyond, a custom tablecloth is essential to project the image you want everyone to see. You define the style and appropriate colors and message you need with your branding intact. They are an excellent way of displaying your company's personal identity.  Need to find a different item?  Use the search feature in the side bar to find more tablecloths and other specialty products for customization-- We have thousands of promotional items to choose from!


6' Stretch Table Cover (3-Sided)
As low as: $94.60

4 Sided Budget Polyester Screen Printed Table Cover (Fits 8' Table)
As low as: $86.86

DisplaySplash 6' Stretch Table Cover
As low as: $104.49

Dye-Sublimated Table Cloth
As low as: $100.62

4 Sided Budget Polyester Screen Printed Table Cover (Fits 6' Table)
As low as: $86.86

8 Foot 4 Sided Table Drape
As low as: $100.31

8' Stretch Table Cover (3-Sided)
As low as: $111.80

Chair Back Cover
As low as: $5.25

Custom 84" Round Plastic Party Tablecloth
As low as: $1.54

6' Stretch Tableform
As low as: $102.34

6' Custom 7oz Deluxe Fabric - Dye Sub Print Non-Fitted Table Covers
As low as: $121.26

Custom Standard Fabric - Digital Print Fitted Stretch Round Table Covers - 32"x43"
As low as: $100.62

Visa Poplin Napkins w/ 1-Color Silk Screen Logo - Beverage, Lunch, & Dinner
As low as: $2.39

Custom Printed Fabrics
As low as: $22.02

12" x 17" Black/Silver Laser engraved Leatherette Placemat
As low as: $11.63


Custom Tablecloths Set You Apart at Trade Shows and Expos

One of the key components for success at a tradeshow is putting forth a good image to the people attending.  You need to have an interesting, professional-looking table that will attract the people who walk near it.  Promotional tablecloths are easy way to give your table that important boost in professionalism.

The unfortunate fact is that standard tradeshow tables are more practical than they are attractive.  They need to be easy to set up, take down, and transport, and they do that very well.  However, the tops are typically a very dull color, they give no immediate indication of what business they belong to, and anything under the table will be visible to everyone in the vicinity.  A logo imprinted tablecloth hides unsightly boxes and equipment while also advertising the business to everyone in the area.  They give a strong impression of professionalism to those who see them.

Basic logo imprinted tablecloths are fairly similar, but there are a few features that vary.  They come in either 3-sided or 4-sided versions.  The 3-sided versions are useful for those who expect to be standing behind the table and will need easy access to items stored underneath.  The 4-sided versions, on the other hand, is useful for situations where the table will be visible to people from all sides at all times.

There's also some variation in terms of the logo printed on the tablecloth.  The simplest type consists of a tablecloth in a solid color with the logo printed on the portion that will go in front of the table.  However, there are also more elaborate types that allow for more complicated pictures or designs to be printed on the whole tablecloth.  Either version can work well at a tradeshow– it's really only a matter of how interesting you'd like your tablecloth to be.

Promotional tablecloths are an important part of making a good impression on potential customers.  No business should ever do a tradeshow without one.


custom table cloths  


8' Poly Poplin Table Skirts with Dye Sublimation
As low as: $135.14